Another 25 GIFs Only a Reading Addict Will Appreciate

Our previous list of 25 GIFs made especially for you (find it here) was so well-received by you that we thought we would give you more.

Yes, I know, we spoil you… But we love you, Reading Addicts, so we like to give you what you deserve.

Here are another 25 bookish GIFs created just for you because we know you would appreciate them…

1. For those moments when you can see judgmental eyes hovering over your Jackie Collins/Harry Potter/50 Shades book cover…

2. #TeamHermione

3. Reading Addicts LOVE a pretty book…

4. A free weekend is for READING!

5. Oh we do love a plot twist…

6. For those of us who can drop a badly written book like it’s a hot potato.

7. How dare you close up shop before I get my paperback and cup of joe?!

8. Oh! OH!! THERE IT IS!

9. Wow! Impressive…

10. Sometimes you just feel like…

11. Who needs sleep anyway?!

12. Like a shining beacon in the distance, beckoning to me…

13. This can also apply to dad, of course.

14. And a hot beverage too perhaps…

15. When a book grabs you by the heart and soul…

16. It doesn’t happen often but when it does… *self five*

17. Shocking plot twists get me like…

18. Book up, pinky out…

19. Why do people do this?!

20. Just be careful not to rip a page as you turn!

21. Reading is my drug and the book store guys are my dealers.

22. Come on, people!

23. We LOVE a recommendation!


25. When you hate distractions…

Phew! That’s the second lot of 25… We hope you enjoyed them!

Keep your eyes open for more GIFs especially created for you…

Happy reading, Addicts.

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