Another 25 GIFs Only a Reading Addict Will Appreciate

Our previous list of 25 GIFs made especially for you (find it here) was so well-received by you that we thought we would give you more.

Yes, I know, we spoil you… But we love you, Reading Addicts, so we like to give you what you deserve.

Here are another 25 bookish GIFs created just for you because we know you would appreciate them…

1. For those moments when you can see judgmental eyes hovering over your Jackie Collins/Harry Potter/50 Shades book cover…

2. #TeamHermione

3. Reading Addicts LOVE a pretty book…

4. A free weekend is for READING!

5. Oh we do love a plot twist…

6. For those of us who can drop a badly written book like it’s a hot potato.

7. How dare you close up shop before I get my paperback and cup of joe?!

8. Oh! OH!! THERE IT IS!

9. Wow! Impressive…

10. Sometimes you just feel like…

11. Who needs sleep anyway?!

12. Like a shining beacon in the distance, beckoning to me…

13. This can also apply to dad, of course.

14. And a hot beverage too perhaps…

15. When a book grabs you by the heart and soul…

16. It doesn’t happen often but when it does… *self five*

17. Shocking plot twists get me like…

18. Book up, pinky out…

19. Why do people do this?!

20. Just be careful not to rip a page as you turn!

21. Reading is my drug and the book store guys are my dealers.

22. Come on, people!

23. We LOVE a recommendation!


25. When you hate distractions…

Phew! That’s the second lot of 25… We hope you enjoyed them!

Keep your eyes open for more GIFs especially created for you…

Happy reading, Addicts.

War Novels Category for 2018 Challenge

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This year’s reading challenge is a bit different and as promised each month we’ll give you a list of suggested books for each category. For March I asked the Cwts Discussion Group to recommend “A Novel Set During A War”. The response was once again completely overwhelming, these are just a few of the many that didn’t already feature in one of the many lists we already have over on FRA. I’ve included links to the other lists at the end. Read More

Audiobooks on… Vinyl?

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Author Joe Hill (Strange Weather), has always had a hankering for the rock star life but the life of an author is far from rock and roll. Instead Hill has decided to come up with some other way of creating his own vinyl LP- by recording an audiobook instead of an album!

The vinyl recording will be narrated by actor Nate Corddry, and will feature a special cover of The Rolling Stones’ “Wild Horses,” recorded specifically for the record. The Dark Carousel vinyl package will include original artwork (see below), two colourful special edition records, and a full-length download of the audiobook.

The first vinyl printing of Hill’s Dark Carousel will be for a limited 2,500 copies, and will be out on the 20th of April.

Keep an eye out here at For Reading Addicts for where to pre-order yours.

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Brand New Beatrix Potter Coins Released in 2018

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The Royal Mint has been creating decorative coins to celebrate Beatrix Potter‘s world of anthropomorphised animals since 2016, and this year they have yet more to release.

Each series of 4 fifty pence pieces includes a Peter Rabbit design – the only character to be included in each separate release. Previous designs have included Mrs Tiggywinkle, Jeremy Fisher, and Tom Kitten.

2018’s collection includes Peter, Flopsy Bunny, The Tailor of Gloucester, and Mrs Tittlemouse.

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Word of the Day – Symposium

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Symposium (noun)


A conference or meeting to discuss a particular subject./ A collection of essays or papers on a particular subject by a number of contributors.

Late 16th century (denoting a drinking party): via Latin from Greek sumposion, from sumpotēs ‘fellow drinker’, from sun- ‘together’ + potēs ‘drinker’.

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