Cute Harry Potter Products For Your Muggle-Born Baby!

As far as you know your little one is a muggle. There has been no sign of any magical ability as of yet so I guess this is it.

No need to despair though! You can still introduce your bairn to the world of Harry Potter with this inspired range fit for any fan.

So many cute Potter-esque items it almost makes me want to have another baby…

1. Snuggle This Muggle Outfit

If you are a sucker for stripes like I am, you will adore this little outfit. 

Snuggle This Muggle Outfit US

Snuggle This Muggle Outfit UK

2. Magical Security Blanket

A gorgeous, textured, and brightly coloured security blanket for your little muggle!

Source: Lovey Wizard Tag Blanket

3. Potter Inspired Bibs (designs may vary)

What’s better than a Hogwarts Insignia, or a Potter quote to wipe up your little Muggle’s sick and drool?

Potter Inspired Bibs US

Potter Inspired Bibs UK

4. Dobby Watercolour Artwork

Stunning pieces of art for your little one’s nursery…

Dobby Watercolour US

Dobby Watercolour UK

5. Fawkes Phoenix Plush Toy

Quite honestly you don’t even need a kid to love this!

Fawkes Phoenix US

Fawkes Phoenix UK

6. Wizard’s Apprentice Babygrow

Pop this on your baby muggle and pretend they’re a Hogwarts student!

Wizard’s Apprentice Babygrow US

Wizard’s Apprentice Babygrow UK

7. Hogwarts Night Light

Soothing and magical- perfect for a Potter-inspired nursery.

Hogwarts Night Light US

Hogwarts Night Light UK

8. Complete Collection of Harry Potter Audio Books

Don’t forget that even though your child cannot read yet, doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be brainwashed with, I mean, introduced to, the world of Harry Potter…

Harry Potter Audiobooks US

Harry Potter Audiobooks UK

9. Nursery Vinyl Wall Art

Beautiful piece of wisdom from Albus Dumbledore for the nursery wall…

Nursery Wall Art US

Nursery Wall Art UK

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Peter Rabbit will now be featured on a limited edition silver-plated ingot, complete with a passage from the original book. Each piece is produced to a high standard, and is a beautiful recreation of the children’s book cover.

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