Explore ‘The Sinking City’, a video game inspired by H.P. Lovecraft

It may surprise you to learn that many video games released over the years have been inspired by books. The Witcher games are based upon the Polish fantasy series written by Andrzej Sapkowski, Spec Ops: The Line is a modern retelling of Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness, and BioShock takes cues from the likes of Ayn Rand, George Orwell, and Aldous Huxley.

Those of you who enjoy video games and books will want to check out The Sinking City, an upcoming game from Frogwares. Inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft, The Sinking City sees players exploring an open city where things aren’t all they seem.

The game takes place in the 1920’s in a factional city called Oakmont in Massachusetts. The 20’s may have been a time of jazz, consumerism, and gangsters, but Oakmont has remained secluded from the rest of the US since it was founded in the 17th century. The residents distrust outsiders and the city is full of dark secrets, including shocking religious rituals that were passed down from the Vikings and Natives who first settled in these lands. As if this weren’t bad enough, much of Oakmont’s streets are submerged due to a mysterious flood that seemed to arrive from nowhere.

The flood brought with it strange and horrifying creatures which prowl the streets, but that’s not all. The locals claim to feel the presence of something much bigger and more alarming, a presence which is slowly but surely driving them mad.

Players will step into the boots of a private investigator who has travelled to the city to locate a missing person. The entire city will be open to explore and players will have to rely on their own cunning to progress through the story. There will be no hand holding, you are given a name and from there you’re on your own. Explore the city and speak with locals to find new clues that will spur your investigation onwards.

Insanity and incomprehensible creatures are a staple of Lovecraftian horror and these themes will be present in The Sinking City. Encountering supernatural occurrences or distressing situations will take a serious toll on the player character and gamers should be careful to ensure the same madness that’s engulfing the city doesn’t put an end to their investigation.

The sinking City is set to be released on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. An exact release date is yet to be announced but we’ll no doubt hear more on it over the next few months. You can follow the game on YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.

“Jólabókaflóðið:” The Christmas Book Flood: An Icelandic Tradition

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Every year in the UK and in the US some new gadget or toy is announced as the most popular gift for that year, but in Iceland they do things slightly differently and it means that the most popular gift is always books!

Jólabókaflóðið is Icelandic for Yule Book Flood and that’s because every year there’s an annual release of new books that occurs just before Chirstmas, it’s a national publishing tradition and in Iceland, Christmas is planned around it.
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Dr Seuss Parodies To Make You Laugh

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Dr Seuss became popular in the 20th century and still remains a favourite today. His rhythms and rhymes, although simple, create fun tongue-twisters and fast-paced tales.

His style has been copied, styled out, and parodied the world over, referenced in popular culture, and we have selected some of our favourite Seuss parodies from the years.

Enjoy these very silly parodies and clever covers dedicated to Dr Seuss.

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Drink Like a Lannister with these Game of Thrones Whiskies

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HBO’s Game of Thrones first aired back in 2011 and has since become one of the biggest TV shows of all time. With its eighth and final season set to air next Spring, fans across the globe are eager to see how this epic struggle for power will conclude. If you can’t wait for the final season, but are also dreading the show’s end, then you may be interested to learn that you’ll be able to watch the final season whilst sipping some official Game of Thrones Whisky.
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5 Ridiculous Moments in ‘The Crimes of Grindelwald’

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The latest addition to JK Rowling’s wizarding world – The Crimes of Grindelwald – hit the cinemas recently and has received some…mixed reviews.

The first Fantastic Beasts movie was good fun- a jolly romp with a sweet and funny protagonist and some brilliant creatures- so we were all looking forward to the next instalment.

However, it seems the latest movie was a tad confusing, throwing lore to the wind, making some interesting character development, and pointless subplots.

Here are five WTF moments from The Crimes of Grindelwald we just couldn’t ignore…

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Canadian Bakery Creates Hogwarts Masterpiece

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Hogwarts has been replicated in the most delicious way possible by a Canadian baker in Edmonton.

Garner Beggs, co-owner of the Duchess Bakeshop in Edmonton, CA, created the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry out of gingerbread  in the hopes that the amazing piece will encourage people to donate to a good cause. Inspired by Dobby the House-Elf who was granted freedom after being given a sock, Beggs is supporting The Bissell Centre charity who help people out of poverty. Residents of Edmonton are encouraged to donate socks to become in with a chance of helping to demolish the delicious building.

The winner of the gingerbread school will be announced after January 13th 2019.

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