20 Unintentional Innuendo Book Titles

By March 27, 2017Language, Literature

Rudyard Kipling once apparently said: “Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind” and I believe this to be true. Writers create worlds with their words, sparking images in people’s minds, and inspiring others to ponder upon things they may not have done before.

Words can be a wonder.

Sometimes, however, our words can make ridiculous jokes, we can interpret things the wrong way, and laugh at images conjured where they were not intended.

This is one of those times. Welcome to the world of unintentional innuendo…

Lucky Amanda!

I really don’t think that’s recommended.

A bad case of thrush?

Well that’s what happens when you put it places it shouldn’t go.

More cushion for the… Well, you get the point.

Someone’s had their buns out in the sun.

No one likes a neglected puss!

Which one..?

Oh aye?

This ho needs some friends…

Gosh! I do hope Wagner is ready.

Errr, no. No thank you.

The book you never realised you needed.

You need to drink more fluids, and eat more fibre.

All pussies are pretty!

Dick needs more love and attention.

Their safe word is ‘WOGGLE’.

I’d rather not, if it’s all the same to you.

Good for you! More power to you, girlfriend!

You could always toss it yourself, love.

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