Alternative Word Definitions from British Comedy Legends

By October 10, 2018Culture, Language

Definitions can naturally change over time through usage and societal influences- such is the joy of the English language! With the help of BBC Radio Four’s legendary comedy team we are lucky enough to have some hilarious alternative definitions to consider for the future.

I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue has been on our radios since 1972 with regulars Humphrey Lyttelton, Graeme Garden, Barry Cryer, Tim Brooke-Taylor, and Willie Rushton. Throughout the years, the “antidote to panel shows” has featured comedy greats such as Sandi Toksvig, Pam Ayres, Victoria Wood, Bill Oddie, Richard Osman, Stephen Fry, and Jo Brand.

As well as the genius of Mornington Crescent, the team regularly come up with entries into the Uxbridge English Dictionary, an imaginary dictionary full of daffynitions (similar to transpositional puns).

Check out our selection of daffynitions below!

Abacus - Swedish swear word

Bustard - very rude bus driver

Caberet - wide range of taxis for hire

Chairs - toast by the Queen

Childhood - young gangster

Dandelion - camp Big Cat

Delight - make things go darker

Descant - white collar ant

Doughnut - eccentric millionaire

Equip - joke online

Extemporary - permanent

Fondue - affectionate sheep

Granary - old folks' home

Hirsute - ladies' clothing

Inhabit - dressed as a monk

Intense - camping

Investment - thermal underwear for bankers

Ketchup - posh word for drawing level

Khaki - device for starting car

Laminated - pregnant sheep

Loofah - outdoor loo

Marinade - soft drink for wedding

Microbe - tiny dressing gown

Minimal - small shopping centre

Mucus - feline swear word

Mutate - feline art gallery

Negligent - Male lingerie

Neighbourhood - gangster next door

Notable - full restaurant

Overrate - nine

Paradox - two medics

Parasites - view from Eiffel Tower

Plantiff - argument with stewardess

Posterity - inherited bottom size

Property - decent cuppa

Quadrant - four people shouting

Ramshackle - male chastity belt

Rugger- wearing a wig

Scandal - footwear to be ashamed of

Tannoy - annoy loudly

Xenophobia - fear of Buddhists

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