Oxford English Dictionary Upset the Purists with New Words

By July 22, 2016August 9th, 2018Language, News

ICYMI, The Oxford English Dictionary has done its yearly addition of new words and acronyms and some of them are likely to have you ROFL, while upsetting the purists of the English language. The additions have never more reflected the digital world we now live in, and what we also see is the world shrinking as American and Australian words enter our vocabulary.

TL;DR? The dictionary has added a load of new words, including Butt Ugly and various online acronyms.

To give you a taste of the new words added, here’s a selection of the whackiest ones (in alphabetical order). Lock your inner grammarphile in a cupboard and sneak a peek of these.

Agender (noun)

Without gender.

Rather than a cyber word, this one reflects the changing attitudes towards gender in our modern world.

Air Punch (noun)

The act of punching one’s clenched fist into the air, typically as a gesture of elation.

Air punches have been around a while, but they’re only just making it into the dictionary.

Budgie Smugglers (noun)

Tight fitting swimming trunks for men.

I’m only surprised this one has taken so long to add to the dictionary. Originating in Australia, I’ve heard it in the UK since the 1990s.

Deffo (adverb)

Definitely; certainly.

This one is a common online abbreviation I have seen more and more in recent years, but it’s only just making it into the Oxford Dictionary’s new words list.

FWIW (abbreviation)

For what it’s worth.

This is one of several cyber abbreviations that have made it into the dictionary this year, as online users lead the language through some big changes.

Glamping (noun)

A form of camping where the accommodation and facilities are actually very posh.

This one has been around in common usage for several years now and it clearly a portmanteau of glamorous and camping.

Hitchcockian (adj)

Made in the style of Hitchcock.

The arts often reflect the language and the adding of Hitchcockian to the English Dictionary this year is a reflection of that.

ICYMI (abbreviation)

In case you missed it

ICYMI is another example of common cyber abbreviations joining the every day language.

Starter Marriage (noun)

A short term marriage between young adults, viewed as a form of preparation.

This comic term has joined the dictionary this year, and I can’t help but think this is journalist speak rather than Internet language.

TL;DR (abbreviation)

A scathing Internet put down ‘Too long; didn’t read’

This one is strictly in the realms of Internet trolls and is about the worst thing to read after you’ve put together a well-reasoned, sensible answer.

That’s just a handful of the new words to be added. We weren’t sure your hearts could take the full list! Language is always evolving but never so fast it seems as it is now.

What do you think of these new additions to the dictionary, and how do you feel about the speed our language is changing?

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