Ten Mistakes Guaranteed to Make a Reader Cringe

By February 10, 2018Language, On Writing

Not every reader is a grammar nerd, or even the best at spelling and punctuation, but we certainly have an advantage over those who do not consume books for pleasure.

We can tell by the comments made on social media by our very own Reading Addicts, that good grammar is very important to them. If a meme or book quote is slightly off-kilter then all Hell can break loose!

We came across these awful mistakes on our weary web travels and knew instantly who would appreciate them (or not!)

See how many of these horrendous mistakes you can get through without scratching your eyes out.

Ready? Set? CRINGE!


Oh lordy…




This is actually painful…

Fire the editor!

Oh! A multi-levelled nightmare!

Wait, what?

So are you, mate…

New Book Examines Relationship Between British and American English

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Lynn Murphy is one of our favourite linguists as she so often speaks of the differences between British and American English. Murphy is an American in the UK and the Linguists Professor at Sussex University. She runs a blog ‘Separated by a Common Language’ and has thousands of Twitter followers, and now she’s released her first book on language. Read More

Vigilante Artist Targets Messy Graffiti Writing

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An artist in Europe is currently critiquing tags left by graffiti ‘artists’ by painting over them and replacing them with easier to read fonts. Mathieu Tremblin was born in Le Mans in 1980, and currently lives in Strasbourg, France, and travels Europe finding ways to subvert street art and advertisement.

From his website:

“Tremblin implements graphic processes of intervention inspired by anonymous, autonomous and spontaneous practices and expressions in urban space in order to question the systems of legislation, representation and symbolization of the city. He works with site specific urban intervention, performed walk, tools design, détournement of objects and uses publication, installation, photography and video to document or reinvest of his experimentations.”

If you have ever wondered what those scribbles on the walls actually mean then Mathieu is here to help. Check out some images below.

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11 Jokes Only The Most Intelligent Readers Will Understand

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Take a break from expanding your mind with great literature with these silly jokes.

As a Reading Addict you probably know by now that reading makes you smarter, kinder, and fills your pockets with candies and weaves flowers in your hair.

Ok so those last two may be untrue, but it’s worth trying, right?

Is there a better way to feel smart and brilliant than laughing at a clever pun or quip? This is your chance to prove your intelligence with some ridiculous jokes found on the internet.

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  • Caterina B says:

    Oh yeah, the banana one is my pet peeve. For many years our local grocery store would have signs saying bananas with an apostrophe. Oh wait, maybe not. I do not know why people cannot get the difference between you’re and your. It makes me crazy. I remember when my daughter’s teacher made that mistake a long time ago. SHE WAS A TEACHER, for heaven’s sake. Even now, I still see that lazy mistake in Facebook posts. I have to restrain myself, though, because I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings by correcting them. However, I did correct a mattress salesman last week when we were shopping for a new bed. He kept say “lay down and try it.” I finally said, “I know you’re a mattress expert and I certainly am not, but the correct word for recline is LIE, not LAY. I also corrected my chiropractor, Naughty me. I think people just don’t care about speaking and writing correctly. Or, they don’t know what they don’t know.

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