Meet Max, the Cat Who’s Banned from the Library but Is Getting His Own Book

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Earlier this month, a picture went viral which showed a sign stuck on the door of a library which asked those entering not to let a young cat named Max into the building. Max shot to fame overnight as his picture was spread across the web with many people wondering why the cat was banned from the library? Was he too noisy? Did he have a pile of late fees?

BT has done some digging and discovered the real cat behind the famous picture. Max lives with his owner, Connie Lipton, near Macalester College in Minnesota, and Max loves to visit the College grounds and hang out with the students there. Unfortunately, Max kept visiting the library (good for him), where one of the librarians has a severe cat allergy. The librarians were also concerned that he might accidentally get locked in there overnight. In order to help prevent Max from sneaking in, the sign was put up.

Erin McGuire posted a picture of the sign on Twitter where it received over 44,000 retweets from those who were amused by the outlawed cat. Max is currently under house arrest as a construction project has begun on campus and his owner is concerned he might get into even more trouble. The good news is that Connie is training Max to walk on a lead while the work goes on so hopefully he’ll be able to see his college friends soon. Max appears to be so sociable that Connie is also considering having him trained as a therapy cat so he can help others.

It also seems that Max will be getting his very own book. Chris Schommer, who created the sign and Gamze Genc Celik, who designed the drawing, have stated that they intend to create a children’s book inspired by the young cat’s adventures in the library. No doubt the final edit will have to be approved by Max himself!

Oops Max was caught on camera as he sneaked into the library about a month ago

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Montreal Libraries Introduce Bicycle Desks

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The World’s Most Beautiful Libraries… According to Instagram

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Last week we were contacted by Wordery who have put together an infographic of the Most Beautiful Libraries in the world, all found by collating Instagram hashtags. From their information, they have created a list of the 25 most beautiful libraries in the world.

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London Library Discovers Books Annotated by Bram Stoker

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If there’s one thing librarians would appreciate you not do when you borrow a book, it’s start scribbling in it, and yet the London Library in Mayfair is very pleased to have found a number of books that have been annotated by their reader. Who is this rapscallion who dare deface a borrowed book? None other than the author of Dracula, Bram Stoker.

As Londonist reports, 28 books have been discovered during a research effort lead by Paul Spedding. They were seemingly used by Stoker as he researched his now classic book Dracula in 1897. Stoker was a businessman living in Chelsea at the time and and joined the library in 1890 at the proposal of Hall Caine, whom Stoker dedicated Dracula to. The gothic horror novel may now be considered a classic, but it seems Stoker wasn’t highly praised for his writing prior to Dracula’s publication. “Stoker was a dreadful writer. His other stuff is dreadful,” said Spedding. Read More

Take a Look at Calgary’s Newly Opened $245 Million Dollar Library

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Calgary’s long-awaited new public library opened yesterday on November 1, and it’s safe to say its already a hit among residents. The $245 million dollar library features 240,000 square feet, impressive architecture, four floors, and 450,000 new books.

CEO of Calgary Public Library, Bill Ptacek, said: “It really is quite spectacular — a cultural hub of learning and innovation. It will be the experiences that people have in this space that will determine if they keep coming back … we want that to include elements of discovery, mystery and wonder.

“And every floor has that, multiple ranges of experiences that speak to different people in different ways.”

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Strange questions people asked the librarian

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Librarians used to deal with all the strange, creepy, interesting, and outrageous questions the general public had to ask- and you will not believe some of the stuff people are willing to ask a stranger.

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Many prominent authors such as Neil Gaiman, Philip Pullman, Malorie Blackman and Joanne Harris have added their names to the petition, which aims to ringfence government funding to assure libraries stay open. Rowling retweeted the petition last weekend, but the petition needs more signatures if it’s to make a difference.
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