Man Booker Submits to Beijing and Causes Controversy by Listing Taiwanese Author as Chinese

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The Man Booker International Prize is one of the most prestigious literary awards in the world and has been awarded to the likes of Margaret Atwood, Julian Barnes, and Hilary Mantel. A major controversy has now stirred after the organisation changed the nationality of a Taiwanese nominee to “Taiwan, China,” following pressure from the Chinese embassy in London.

The Chinese government believes the island of Taiwan is part of China’s territory and wants to see the country brought into the fold, by force if necessary. China has since been undermining and excluding Taiwan on the global forum in order to quell ideas that it is its own country. Many Taiwan’s 23 million citizens reject China’s claim and the country has its own government, military, and foreign policy. 

Author Professor Wu has been nominated for this year’s Man Booker Prize for his novel The Stolen Bicycle, a book about the Taiwanese 20th-century history. He personally considers himself Taiwanese rather than Chinese. Last week, Professor Wu criticised Man Booker for caving in to pressure from Beijing and said: “Since the publication of the longlist for this year’s Man Booker International award, my nationality on the webpage has been changed from Taiwan to Taiwan, China, which is not my personal position on this issue. I will therefore seek assistance in expressing my personal position to the award organisation.”

Wu has faced severe criticism from China for his stance and, after stating that he was honored to be listed as Taiwanese rather than Chinese. “We should join together and ban his books from being sold on the mainland because his stance differs from that of 1.3 billion Chinese people,” said one user on Sina Weibo, China’s version of Twitter.

Another said: “It looks like we will have to establish a blacklist of people seeking Taiwan independence to completely eliminate their connection with the mainland.”

Lin Hsui-mei, Wu’s editor, has backed his client’s stance and stated that politics should not influence decisions to honour artists. The Taiwanese government has also criticised China’s demands. The foreign ministry has issued a complaint and has instructed its representatives in London to demand a “correction”.

As The Telegraph reports, Man Booker has explained its actions, saying: “We are currently seeking clarification from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office on the UK’s official position on Taiwan following earlier advice that ‘Taiwan, China’ was the correct, politically neutral form,” said spokesperson, Truda Spruyt.

“We are aware that Wu Ming-yi defines himself as Taiwanese and have kept him informed throughout the process.” Ms Spruyt clarified that the Man Group, which sponsors the prize, and also has business interests in China, was “not involved in the decision.”

This is not the first time tension between China and other territories has caused controversy. Mercedes Benz once apologised for offending the Chinese after its Instagram account quoted the Dalai Lama, who is seen as an enemy by China for opposing the government’s occupation of Tibet. Ross Feingold, a Taipei-based lawyer and analyst, stated that organisations ought not give in to China’s demands, saying: “People from Taiwan have been awarded international prizes simply being identified as ‘Taiwan’ so arguably it’s an overreach when organisations feel compelled to add ‘province of China’.”

Man Booker 2018: And the Winner Is…

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The Man Booker Prize is one of the most esteemed prize in literary circles and the 2018 winner has now been announced. It was back in July we saw the coveted longlist and in September this was reduced down to the Man Booker shortlist. Now in a glittering awards ceremony, Anna Burns, author of Milkman is announced as the Man Booker winner 2018.
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Back in August it was announced that a New Academy had been created to award an alternative Nobel Prize for Literature after the Swedish Academy was caught in a mire of controversy amid a rape scandal. The New Academy was put together by more than a hundred important cultural figures, journalists, writers and authors to honour literary greats with a new prize.

In August four authors were shortlisted, Haruki Murakami of Japan, who soon withdrew himself from the competition, Vietnamese-Canadian writer Kim Thúy; Maryse Condé of Guadeloupe; and British author Neil Gaiman who is based in the USA.
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National Book Award Finalists 2018

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Last month we brought you the longlists in each category for the National Book Awards 2018, and now it’s time for the finalists! There are five finalists in each category, making 25 books in all, with an extra category added this year for translated literature too.

The winners for each category will be announced on November 14th, but for now let’s take a look at those finalists and the books that made the final cut.

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Winner of the Kindle Storyteller Award 2018 Announced

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Back in April we brought you the news that the Kindle Storyteller Award was back for a second year. The award launched in 2017 giving self published authors the opportunity to win their first literary prize. The prize recognises outstanding work by self published authors and to qualify authors must publish using the Kindle Direct Publishing platform.

Last weekend at a glittering award ceremony the 2018 winner was announced as Hannah Lynn for her book The Afterlife of Walter Augustus. She was handed the award by celebrity judge Lorraine Kelly and will now receive a host of prizes and benefits.

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Jean-Claude Arnault of the Nobel Prize scandal has been convicted of rape

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Jean-Claude Arnault was accused last year of using his position and power to dominate and coerce women into sex. It has since been revealed that he has been convicted of rape.

The scandal first came to light last November when the Dagens Nyheter newspaper wrote of allegations by 18 different women all accusing Arnault of rape, sexual harassment, physical abuse and harassment over a period of more than 20 years. Eight of those women filed formal complaints however, all but one have been dropped due to lack of evidence or exceeding the statute of limitations.

The 72 yr old ‘photographer’ denies all charges and his lawyer has stated he will appeal if convicted.

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The Man Booker Shortlist 2018 is here

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Earlier in the year we brought you the longlist for one of the most coveted prizes in literature, the Man Booker Prize. The longlist is know as the Man Booker Dozen but now that’s been whittled down to the prestigious shortlist, six novels among which is the Man Booker winner 2018.

We have that shortlist here so without further ado here are the books in the running for the 2018 Man Booker prize.

The 2018 winner will be announced on Tuesday 16th October, about a month from now in London’s Guildhall. The winning ceremony will be aired on the BBC and we’ll bring you news of that winner as soon as it breaks!

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