Nobel Prize in Chaos as Academy Collapses from Within

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The Swedish Academy that gives out the Nobel Prizes, including the Nobel Prize for Literature is in grave danger as the organisation collapses from within.

Yesterday two more members of the Swedish Academy resigned, including Sara Danius leading the entire Academy without leadership, soon after this announcement it was announced that Katarina Frostenson is also withdrawing as a member.

These two resignations mean that the Academy is left with just eleven active members from its total of eighteen, and because of the way the prize is set up this is a huge problem. Because while member can step away from active roles, they cannot resign, membership is for life and what’s more, twelve members are required to elect a new member by quorum, which means the crippled institution is now unable to self-generate new members.

The crisis began last year when accusations of sexual assault were directed as Frostenson’s husband, Jean-Claude Arnault, following revelations of financial misconduct and conflicts of interest. The furore has caused a massive rift in the academy putting the future of both the Swedish Academy and the Nobel Prize for Literature in question.

With further resignations, the Academy is now considered to be in total collapse, and no one knows what will happen to what has until now, been the most prestigious prize in literature. It’s now up to His Royal Majesty Carl XVI Gustaf and Academy member Sara Stridsberg to save the prize for future generations. Only HRM Carl XVI Gustaf can change the bylaws required to save the prize, but only time will tell what will happen.

Shortlist Announced for 50th Year ‘Golden’ Man Booker Prize

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The Man Booker is a yearly award and one of the most respected prizes in the book industry. Earlier this year it was announced that to celebrate 50 years of the Man Booker this year there would be a Man Booker ‘Golden’ Prize, winning books from Man Booker history that have stood the test of time. And now, the Man Booker Golden Five is announced. Read More

Nobel Prize Postponed after Sexual Misconduct Furore

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Just a few weeks ago we brought you the news that the Nobel Prize may be in jeopardy due to accusations of sexual misconduct and the Academy’s own complicated rules and now it looks as though this year’s prize may be completely postponed as the issues still aren’t resolved.

This week the Swedish Academy is to meet to decide whether this year’s prize will go ahead, and some members believe that it’s in no fit state to make any awards.
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Desmond Elliot Prize 2018 Shortlist Announced

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The Desmond Elliot Prize is considered to be the UK’s most prestigious award for first time novelists and today the 2018 shortlist is announced.

This year the shortlist explores the impact of social isolation and the importance of human relationships, an apt subject in these times. The novels on the shortlist have been chosen because they are “distinguished by a striking and vivid narrative voice, a gift for storytelling, and a wise and humane gaze” according to the judged. Read More

Women’s Prize For Fiction Shortlist Has Been Announced

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On International Women’s Day 2018, the longlist for the Women’s Prize for Fiction was announced. Those 16 books were read and discussed by the panel of judges- Sarah Sands, Katy Brand, Anita Anand, Catherine Mayer, and Imogen Stubbs- and whittled down to a final sensational 6.

The process is tough as there is so much wonderful talent to choose from, but after heated debates and heartfelt advocacies for favourite novels the shortlist has been decided upon.

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UK Short Story Competition Open Now!

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Calling all British Black Asian Minority Ethnic (BAME) writers- this competition needs your talent!

This year heralds the third annual BAME short story competition run by The Guardian Newspaper and 4th Estate team. The prize celebrates the talents of British ethnic minority writers who are in need of representation and promotion.

The winner will receive a chance to win £1,000, an exclusive one‑day publishing workshop and a taste of online publication.

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Kindle Storyteller Award Back for Second Year

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Last year Kindle announced its first ever Storyteller Award for authors who publish their work through Kindle Direct Publishing in the UK. Last year the thriller, The Relic Hunters won the first ever award and now it’s announced that the award is back for a second year.

On 10th April Amazon UK opened this year’s awards, a literary prize recognising outstanding work by self published authors. To qualify for the 2018 award you must have published your book via Kindle Direct Publishing, between 1st May 2018 and 31st August 2018. Read More

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