Terry Pratchett: His World – A Review of the Exhibition

On until January 2018, the Salisbury Museum with donations and support from The Estate of Terry Pratchett, and Paul Kidby – Sir Terry Pratchett’s artist of choice – present an exhibition entitled ‘Terry Pratchett: His World’.

The exhibition is a unique collection of artefacts which portray his amazing life and career, from his first novel The Carpet People which was published in 1971 to his later novels including the Discworld series. Artwork from the Discworld novels including over 40 original illustrations by Paul Kidby adorn the walls and will make any Discworld fan nostalgic for the books.

A reconstruction of his office also makes up part of the exhibition. The attention to detail here is amazing! 6 simulated computer screens on Pratchett’s desk show him typing a novel, receiving emails from the likes of Neil Gaiman, and reading news articles about himself. Printed versions of his bookshelves along the back wall, his golden eagle lectern where his famous hat is often seen perched on top. The longer you stand there the more you will notice.

Plenty of other paraphernalia from Pratchett’s life also fills the rooms of the museum. Without giving too much away for anyone who wants to visit, you will also find one of his typewriters, silver-plated resin versions of his books, a notebook containing his signature, and even his Carnegie Medal – which comes with a funny story from Terry himself about eating the medal in chocolate form.

Quotes from Pratchett also cover the walls and bring a very familiar closeness to the author that makes the exhibition all the more emotional. One quote that truly represents Pratchett’s captivation of an audience even after his death reads, “No-one is finally dead until the ripples they cause in the world die.”

One of the best parts of the exhibition, in my opinion, is in the final room where you can sit at a desk and write a letter to the late-great Sir Terry Pratchett. These can then be posted in the post-box and will be given to the family. On the wall are also similar letters from some famous names in Pratchett’s life including Neil Gaiman whose lovely letter is somewhat tear-inducing.

For fans of Pratchett or even those who just love literature and great authors this exhibition is a truly brilliant collection of items, quotes and artwork.


Thanks to Booksbird, who visited and shared this experience with us.

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