Chicago – Home to the new American Writer’s Museum

Chicago – Home to the new American Writer’s Museum

From Gwendolyn Brooks, to Ernest Hemingway, to Shel Silverstein.

Chicago is known for producing notable writers and has now become home to the American Writer’s Museum, which opened in May this year.

This National Museum tells the stories of American writers and their influence on the history, identity and culture of the US. Nearly 400 years of writing is celebrated using lots of interactive exhibits, film and changing display spaces. There are special author events, children’s story-time and specialist talks on an almost daily basis, which can be booked online through the Museum’s web site

One of the many permanent exhibits is called “The Mind of The Writer”. This Writer’s Room features two touch screen tables, that display book titles which visitors can open to show edits on famous manuscripts, learn more about the author’s work, and explore it’s historical and literary context. You can get a new insight into an old favourite or discover something new and unfamiliar.

This room also features “Story of the Day”. Every morning staff choose an opening line from an American book, poem, essay or short story and visitors are encouraged to add a line so that the story can spin off in any direction, maybe rewriting an American classic.

Carey Cranston, President of the Museum, told Mariella Frostrup on BBC radio 4 that, “it’s not meant to be a Hall of Fame or a best of, instead it’s meant to be a dialogue, where people ask, how do these writers come together?”

The Museum is open from Tuesday – Sunday and also some holiday Mondays, check web site for details. If you live in Chicago and have visited or plan to visit we’d love to hear what you think and see your pictures.

London’s Tiniest Library Opens as Part of the London Design Festival

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The London Design Festival is taking over the capital for the 15th year right now and that means weird and wonderful art installations popping up all over the city. From playcastles to light shows, design trails and everything in between what caught out eye is the micro library on London’s South Bank.

This month London’s South Bank will be host to a micro-cabin of literature; the smallest library in the capital, measuring a rather tiny 3.5 square metres. The library will be home to books telling the story of London’s rich history covering everything from ancient tomes to modern day classics that reflect the city and its history.

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Has The Legendary Sword of King Arthur Been Discovered?

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All hail Queen Matilda, true heir to the throne, as deemed by the gracious Lady Of The Lake and the sword Excalibur!


According to the Sheffield Star newspaper, a young South Yorkshire girl discovered the legendary sword of King Arthur at the bottom of Dozmary Pool in Cornwall.

According to folklore, Sir Bedivere threw Excalibur into Dozy Pool following the death of King Arthur, and the Battle of Camlann. The sword was caught by The Lady Of The Lake and reclaimed by the pool… Until now.

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New Harry Potter Themed Restaurant Bar to Open in Exeter, UK!

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As you walk along the cobbled streets of Exeter, your stomach growling hungrily, you turn into Gandy Street. The weather has cleared at last but the walkway is still shining with rain. Window displays of gift shops and jewellers sparkle with their array of treasures, tempting you… But you wander past…

This is the heart of the independent shop of Exeter, its vibe is exciting, exuberant, and almost…magical.

You can hear the laughter of staff and patrons of a nearby restaurant, and the sumptuous smells wafting out of the doors of The Cauldron Inn are calling you…

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