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English crime novelist, Agatha Christie, was born in the Devon seaside town of Torquay in 1890. Set in what is often called The English Riviera, Torquay boasts a multitude of Agatha Christie themed events and places of interest.

Christie is best known for her 66 detective novels surrounding fictional detectives Poirot and Miss Marple, with tours around Torquay and South Devon offering fans the chance to walk in the famous author’s footsteps.

A walk through Torquay will take you past the original Majestic Hotel (also known as the Imperial Hotel) that features in ‘The Body in the Library’ and ‘Peril At End House’. Fans of Christie’s ‘The ABC Murders’  can take a trip on the train to Churston Station, and a jaunt down to Elberry Cove, both of which feature in the story. The inspiration for Hempsley Cavern in ‘The Man in the Brown Suit’  was provided by Agatha Christie’s visits to Kents Cavern in Torquay.

For more information download this PDF provided by The English Riviera website.

Writing Places, in association with Literature Works, frequently offers budding writers, and lovers of literature, a chance to become inspired by some of the most famous literary places in the South West of England.

In Galmpton, 6 miles from the centre of Torquay, sits Agatha Christie’s holiday home ‘Greenway’. This is where her and her family went to relax beside the River Dart, away from the prying eyes of her adoring public. There they would play on the lawns in the sunshine, or relax with one of Christie’s first manuscripts in the drawing room.

The National Trust has a range of activities at Greenway for Agatha Christie fans, from writers’ workshops and ranger walks, to volunteering to keep the garden there looking weed-free and beautiful. If you ever visit South Devon in September you will not be without some Agatha Christie inspired fun!

Throughout September, the month Christie was born, the biennial International Agatha Christie Festival will be held at Torre Abbey.

From the website:

“This year’s International Agatha Christie Festival transforms Torre Abbey’s historic house and gardens into five days of eclectic and unexpected stories, song, dance, extraordinary objects from ordinary lives, provocative lectures and other amazing journeys.

All the while, enjoy tea on the lawn, find other more adventurous and mysterious places to stretch out, curl up, and conjure up the missing clue…”

Buy your tickets for the event HERE.

Fill the gaps in your bookcase with Dame Agatha Christie:

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The perfect book lovers job is in the Maldives!

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Book lovers rejoice- your perfect job is here!

Do you long for endless days of sunshine, the sand between your toes, and enough books to satisfy your reading addiction? Does your perfect working day involve walking barefoot in soft, white sand with a book in your hand?

A luxury eco resort in the Maldives are looking for a passionate bibliophile who can blog about their time on the resort as the resident castaway bookseller. The pay is pittance but when the benefits are included it seems like a dream job. You may not walk away at the end with cash saved but you will have experienced an absolute dream come true for many reading addicts.

If this sounds up your sandy street then Soneva Fushi  have a job for you…

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Mills & Boon to Publish Stories Set in UK’s Most Romantic Locations

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When I was growing up my mother always had her nose in a Mills & Boon romance novel, and while considered trashy they kept many people reading for many years. In more recent times the brand has fallen out of favour but HarperCollins is giving the books a new lease of life, relaunching the 110-year old brand earlier this year with a facelift and a fresh approach.

Now Mills & Boon has teamed up with PR Agency Taylor Herring to launch a nationwide summer reading campaign and has commissioned ten short stories all set in the UK’s most romantic spots.
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These Literary Maps of the United Kingdom Bring Novel Locations to Life

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Literary escapism is the reason we read, to get lost in another’s mind, another’s thoughts and ideas allows us to learn empathy and gain experience without living them. It’s not just the characters either, you can travel the world through books and these literary maps bring the locations of many British books to life.

The United Kingdom has always been a favourite location for writers, especially those classic authors of the past. Many of the best known books through the years are set in England, Scotland, Wales or Ireland and these maps bring these to life. Read More

Property developers name their new community ‘Gilead’.

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Gilead‘ is known to many literature fans, and television watchers, as the theocratic, authoritarian republic run by an ultra-religious US government created by Margaret Atwood. In Gilead women have no rights, and those unfortunate enough to be able to bear children are forced into sexual slavery. Free speech doesn’t exist and any hint of backlash from the women results in drastic action from those in charge.

Bearing all that in mind: would you name your new community development Gilead?! A group in New South Wales, Australia, has done just that.

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Charles Dickens’ Contribution to Science to Feature in Exhibition

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Charles Dickens: Man of Science is a current exhibition running at the Charles Dickens Museum until November 11th and the exhibition is looking at the author’s contribution to science, and notably medicine.

Dickens astute observations on human behaviours means he spotted many illnesses and their symptoms before they were recognised by the medical community and his descriptions so accurate that they can be used to build correlation between symptoms and disease.
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