Hotel with over 50,000 Books Is a Bibliophile’s Dream

Travel and reading are great ways to broaden one’s mind, and this hotel in Óbidos, Portugal called The Literary Man is home to over 50,000 books that may see true book lovers never even leaving their hotel!

As The Huffington Post reports, located just outside the historic center of a small medieval town called Óbidos, this hotel is packed full of books, some of which are even for sale. The Literary Man is in good company as Óbidos itself has seen an increase in bookshops opening as well as its own literary festival.

The books you’ll find in the grand hotel range from vintage classics, recent bestsellers, and even cookbooks. As if that weren’t enough to tempt book lovers, the hotel also features a gin bar and a massage parlor. The rooms are simple but cozy and begin at only $90 per night.

No doubt there is plenty for tourists to do and see in Óbidos, but we get the feeling that most bookworms wouldn’t leave the room, unless maybe to get a massage. For more information, be sure to check out the hotel’s official website.

Noel A Novel: The Most Festive Game on Twitter

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Around this time of year, Twitter users gather together by the fireplace of the World Wide Web to come up with some fabulously festive versions of their favourite books.

#NoelANovel has fast become the best bookish game to play with your followers and we at For Reading Addicts were excited to join in! We asked our readers on Facebook to come up with some of their own and this is what they have brought us…

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Two Bibliophiles Create a Cat Proof Christmas Tree Made from Books

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The Holiday season is finally upon us and it’s that magical time of year where we embrace good cheer, exchange gifts, and ward off the cold of Winter with mulled wine and good food. Millions of people around the world will be dusting off their Christmas decorations and hanging up their stockings whilst Christmas tunes play. A Christmas tree is no doubt the most iconic of all the decorations, but one book lover has put a twist on the classic by making a tree from books. Read More

10 Inspirational and Handy Gifts for Writers

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Writing is an art, a compulsion and an addiction and those that do usually do so because they simply have to. If you have a writer friend then you’ll know how many resources it can take if you write seriously, and that does at least make our author friends easy to buy presents for!

With the festive season fast approaching, today we’re looking at the perfect gifts for writers and thankfully the Internet throws up some interesting and unique options! Read More

10 Fantastical Gifts for Fantasy Fiction Fans

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If you or someone you know is a fan of fantasy fiction then this list may be of interest to you. Aside from being wonderful escapism, fantasy also guides us through moral and ethical conundrums, and satirises social and political events.

The worlds that fantasy authors create are full of amazing creatures, fearsome warriors, and magical beings beyond human comprehension… It is no wonder it is one of the most popular fiction genres!

Here are 10 of the most fantastical gifts for fantasy fiction fans we could find…

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10 Literary Gifts For Him

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This list is for anyone with a well-read boyfriend, literary uncle, bookish father, or cultured grandfather. If the man in your life enjoys a brilliant work of fiction, or disappearing into a favourite famous face’s biography, then this may just be the place you find the perfect gift for them!

The men in my family are notoriously difficult to buy for but thankfully they are all avid readers so taking them as inspiration we bring you- 10 Literary Gifts For Him. We hope to cover all the bases here, from the classy intellectual to the nerdy and humorous, you will find what you need.

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Betty Pepper Proves There Is Life After Death For Damaged Books

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Meet Betty Pepper, saviour of discarded and damaged books.

Jill Ashton graduated in 2004 from The University of Central England with a First Class BA Hons in Jewellery and Silversmithing. Now, as Betty Pepper the artist based in the South East of England, she spends a lot of time making each unique piece of art and jewellery. Betty’s literary-inspired art is created from silver wire and fabric fragments, and any orphaned books she finds while out on a ‘rummage’. She gives life to old and ruined books once more by fashioning quirky and whimsical pieces from their pages.

Betty’s work is displayed and sold across Europe from Glasgow to Paris, with collections and commissions also available via MadeByHandOnline. The artwork can also be found at worldwide exhibitions- most recently in the UK (Suffolk, and Leeds) and Munich, Germany. 

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