100 Nasty Women of History Set to be Festive Bestseller

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When Donald Trump stood on the podium during the 2016 presidential campaign and called Hillary Clinton a ‘nasty woman’ he could never imagine that it would become not only one of his most quoted lines, but the line that women all over the world took up and wore like a crown.

Since the off hand remark was made, writers and journalists have shown that through history the women who rocked the boat were the women who got things done, and the phrase has inspired lots of positive action.

This month a new nonfiction history book is released, and 100 Nasty Women from History is set to show the world just how much ‘nasty women’ have got done. The phrase has been taken to mean women who do things that are traditionally considered to be unladylike, women who are outspoken, and those who have pushed the boundaries, and 100 Nasty Women from History takes 100 women, born between 240 and 1932.

There are way too many women featured in the book to mention, but the book features women from history who changed the world.

Take Zenobia for example, born in the year 240 and married to King Odainat of Syria in 255. History remembers her as a mega babe, but she was one seriously boss bitch, hunting, battling and leading her own military expeditions, her husband was killed by the Romans in 267, but Zenoia just went off and conquered Egypt instead, becoming queen of half the world.

Or Njinga of Angola, born in 1583 she went on to become queen of the court and successfully kept the independence of the Ngongo and Matamba kingdoms against the Portuguese, reconquered lands, and despite leading fighters in regular skirmishes, died of old age in 1663.

Or maybe Jean Macnamara whose research led to the discovery that there was one than one strain of the polio virus. Her vital work was a direct step towards the eventual vaccine, making Macnamara the reason many of us have only seen polio in history books.

This book is witty, brilliant and diverse, including women throughout history and from all over the world. It’s out now, and we wouldn’t be at all surprised to find it a Christmas bestseller.

Cover Revealed for Paperback Edition of Neil Gaiman’s Norse Mythology

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Out March 6th!

Neil Gaiman’s Norse Mythology was released in February of last year and brought the world of Norse mythology to life for readers around the world. Gaiman recently took to Twitter to broadcast a live video where he revealed the paperback cover for Norse Mythology, and it looks pretty darn epic! Read More

Bloomsbury to Release House Editions of The Chamber of Secrets

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Last year to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Harry Potter series, Bloomsbury released special editions of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, four different editions, one for each of the Hogwarts Houses. The books were met with glee from fans, and sold so well that Bloomsbury has announced that the Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, House Editions, are coming this year. Read More

Bill Clinton and James Patterson Co-Write ‘The President is Missing’

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Yes, ‘that’ Bill Clinton

James Patterson has been collaborating on novels with other writers for a while now, in fact it’s fast becoming his trademark, so hearing he’s worked on another collaboration isn’t really a surprise.

The shocking news here is that this collaboration sees him work with ex-president of the United States, Bill Clinton in a novel about a fictional president going missing. Read More

Fire and Fury Released Early Despite Cease and Desist from Trump Camp

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The US publisher of an explosive new book exposing Trump’s chaotic run in the White House has responded to a cease and desist notice from President Trump’s camp by releasing the book, Fire and Fury early. The move is in defiance of the attempt by Trump’s lawyers to shut it down and stop publication.

Last night, the book’s author tweeted “Here we go. You can buy it (and read it) tomorrow. Thank you, Mr President.” Read More

Segregated Travel Guides Published in the Last Century for African-American Travellers are Being Republished

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The Negro Motorist Green Books were a series of travel guides published by postal worker Victor Hugo Green from the 1930’s to the 1960’s, when civil rights laws brought about an end to legal segregation. The books informed travellers as to where they could find places that would allow black people to sleep, eat, and shop. The books went out of publication after the 60s and were all but forgotten about, until they were recently rediscovered and reprinted for modern readers.

The first Green Book was published in 1936 and served to help black travelers in the United States find services that would be open to them and also advised on the accepted custom for black people in different areas. The book’s tagline, “Carry your Green Book with you … you may need it,” serves as both good advice and as a warning of the intolerance of many white people. Read More

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