100 Nasty Women of History Set to be Festive Bestseller

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When Donald Trump stood on the podium during the 2016 presidential campaign and called Hillary Clinton a ‘nasty woman’ he could never imagine that it would become not only one of his most quoted lines, but the line that women all over the world took up and wore like a crown.

Since the off hand remark was made, writers and journalists have shown that through history the women who rocked the boat were the women who got things done, and the phrase has inspired lots of positive action.

This month a new nonfiction history book is released, and 100 Nasty Women from History is set to show the world just how much ‘nasty women’ have got done. The phrase has been taken to mean women who do things that are traditionally considered to be unladylike, women who are outspoken, and those who have pushed the boundaries, and 100 Nasty Women from History takes 100 women, born between 240 and 1932.

There are way too many women featured in the book to mention, but the book features women from history who changed the world.

Take Zenobia for example, born in the year 240 and married to King Odainat of Syria in 255. History remembers her as a mega babe, but she was one seriously boss bitch, hunting, battling and leading her own military expeditions, her husband was killed by the Romans in 267, but Zenoia just went off and conquered Egypt instead, becoming queen of half the world.

Or Njinga of Angola, born in 1583 she went on to become queen of the court and successfully kept the independence of the Ngongo and Matamba kingdoms against the Portuguese, reconquered lands, and despite leading fighters in regular skirmishes, died of old age in 1663.

Or maybe Jean Macnamara whose research led to the discovery that there was one than one strain of the polio virus. Her vital work was a direct step towards the eventual vaccine, making Macnamara the reason many of us have only seen polio in history books.

This book is witty, brilliant and diverse, including women throughout history and from all over the world. It’s out now, and we wouldn’t be at all surprised to find it a Christmas bestseller.

Book Launch: Once Upon a Time in Birmingham

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This year we commemorate the centenaries for the end of the First World War and the success of the Suffragette movement getting some women the vote – partial franchise in which women over 30 who met certain criteria were granted this right. To celebrate and remember these important parts of British history, the Birmingham Remembers Campaign was launched. Once Upon a Time in Birmingham: Women Who Dared to Dream has been created as part of this campaign. On the penultimate day of the Birmingham Literature Festival, this inspiring book was launched at an event hosted by the Birmingham Rep.
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Clare Mackintosh Teases New Book on Twitter

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Since Clare Mackintosh released I Let You Go back in 2014, she’s become a firm favourite with crime thriller and suspense fans. Since that debut, two more books have followed, I See You in 2016 and Let me Lie in early 2018. Now the author has a new book in the works and made an announcement via Twitter to fans.

In a series of Twitter posts on 12th October 2018, Clare Mackintosh teased details of an upcoming book in a series of tweets. It all started with ‘May I tell you about my new book?’

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Matt Haig to Release ‘Heartwarming’ Children’s Book

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Best-selling author Matt Haig has helped many with his unique brand of speculative fiction and nonfiction works and can often be found on Twitter speaking a lot of sense about mental health issues and the ways in which we can all help ourselves to live our best lives.

His best-selling nonfiction work Reasons to Stay Alive was a number one Sunday Times bestseller spending 46 weeks in the top ten, and more recently How to Stop Time was nominated for several awards and is said to have been optioned for film.

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Christopher Paolini Announces New Eragon Book

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If you enjoyed Christopher Paolini’s Eragon series then you’ll be pleased to learn that Eragon is set to return in a new book called The Fork, the Witch, and the Worm – Tales From Alagaësia (Volume 1: Eragon). The book will see Paolini return to his fantasy world for the first time since Inheritance was published in 2011.

The book will be a collection of three short stories which are interspersed with scenes from Eragon’s own travels. The book’s official website gives a synopsis which reads:
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