Sad and Bad Bunnies Star in Their Own Violent True Stories

By December 28, 2017 Culture, Literature

An American charity, Youth Ambassadors, which was established in 2010 has produced a book of true stories based on American children’s lives,. The book is full of cutesy animal characters drawn in juxtaposition with violent and shocking stories, in a collection named ‘Welcome To My Neighbourhood’.

Their website states the charity is an: “educational, not-for-profit employment program designed to empower underserved youth with the knowledge that they as teenagers have a vital voice. They have the power to be active participants in their communities, not just passive observers.”

The book is meant to highlight the scary situations some children experience in their lives, and the awful reality many disadvantaged kids live through.

The true stories in Welcome To My Neighbourhood are available on PDF for free through Youth Ambassadors. Visit their webpage for details on how to support the charity- and read the book here.

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