E. L James The Mister Sells More Than 50,000 Copies in Week One

By April 28, 2019 New Releases

Last week we brought you the news that E. L James new book, The Mister, her first since the 50 Shades series, had hit the shelves and since then it’s shot to the number 1 spot on the UK book charts.

Say what you want about it – and the critics have absolutely panned it – in week one of release The Mister has sold 52,674 physical copies in its first week, according to sales monitor Neilsen BookScan. That puts it at number 1 on the UK book charts ahead of popular books such as Hinch Yourself Happy by Mrs Hinch, Past Tense by Lee Child, and Lethal White, written by J. K Rowling under a pseudonym.

You could even call it a romp up the charts (sorry, not sorry!)

To date professional reviewers have not been kind. The Telegraph gave it a one star rating asking if The Mister is ‘her worst yet’. The Atlantic stated that “it’s not just The Mister is bad, it’s that it’s bad in ways that seem to cause the space-time continuum itself to wobble slightly” (ouch).

However, the reviews are not putting readers and so far it’s the highest first week of sales for an adult novel since Dan Brown released Origin last summer, and the highest first-week sales for any novel since 50 Shades Darker was released by James in November 2017.

Despite its popularity, The Mister has fallen short of the sales of the 50 Shades books. Darker sold 86,000 physical copies in its first week on sale, and Grey sold almost 400,000 physical copies in the first week along. To date, Fifty Shades of Grey has sold six million copies and is the best selling novel of all time in Britain.

Given James’ fan base, it’s likely that sales are going to increase and readers are not going to be put off their dose of kink by either professional reviewers, or book snobs!

If you’ve already got your copy, please consider submitting a review for us to feature on site!

David Cameron’s Memoir to be Published in September

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He’ll be forever remembered as the politician who started the farce that has become Brexit, but for a long time before that he was the successful leader of the Conservative party in the UK. Now, he’s written a memoir, For The Record and it will be published later this year by HarperCollins with all profits going to charity.

The former Prime Minister’s memoir will be published on Thursday, 19th September, ten days before the Conservative Party Conference and a month before the new Brexit date.
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Michael Wolff Pens Explosive Fire and Fury Sequel

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It’s a little over a year since Michael Wolff released Fire and Fury, a look at Trump’s presidency after Wolff got exclusive access to the White House. The book was released early under a furore of controversy and a cease and desist notice and went on to become one of the best selling books of 2018.

Now Wolff has announced a sequel, a look at Trump’s second year in power with Seige: Trump Under Fire to be released on June 4th of this year. The book will be published in the US by Henry Holt, and by Little, Brown in the UK.

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6 New Books With Muslim Protagonists to Read During Ramadan

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Around the world Muslims are marking Ramadan and so we thought we’d make some suggestions of some new books by Muslim authors that were released this year. We’ve featured books by Muslim authors previously but this time it’s a brand new selection, full of books released, or to be released in 2019.

We’ve tried to include a selection of genres, and we hope that you’ll find something here that you would like to add to your TBR.
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8 Crime and Suspense Thrillers out this May

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Suspense, crime and psychological thrillers are some of the most popular genres around right now and for fans that means plenty of new releases to look out for. This May, 2019 there are several good novels out that are sure to fill you with suspense and leave you on the edge of your seat, and so we’re bringing you the best of them!

Whether you love a gritty crime novel, or a suspenseful thriller, we have some recommendations for you today on some of the best books out this month.

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