Has Gary Oldman Written a Novel?

By October 31, 2015Authors, New Releases

Blood Riders to be released Oct 2016

The buzz around the Internet today is that English actor Gary Oldman has penned his first novel. Blood Riders is set to be the first in a series of books featuring vampire cowboys and it’s set for release on 30th October 2016, so we have a whole year to wait. The book will be set in the Wild West during the Gold Rush era, featuring a character called Magnus and with Gary Oldman as the author, the first book is surely an instant bestseller!

However, while all the press is leading with the ‘Oldman as new author’ story, we’ve been doing a little research into the book, which is actually a collaboration between Oldman film producer Douglas Urbanski. Look further, and Urbanski is actually a long time friend of Oldman and acts as his manager, leaving us wondering who the author actually is.

The pair say they have had the Magnus character knocking around for ages, and have been discussing the whole ‘Gold Rush’ thing for several years, but there’s no clarification on who the author actually is. With Gary Oldman named on the cover page you can guarantee this book will instantly be a best seller, but fewer people will have heard of Douglas Urbanski and I for one would like to know who actually penned the book.

I’m not the biggest fan of vampire fiction really, but I do love a good Western, which puts me at a crossroads on whether it’s my thing or not. Will I read it? Yes, probably, given all the fuss that is bound to surround the release it seems I’ll have to! Here’s hoping it turns out to be an exciting series.

We don’t doubt that the novel is to be released, it seems easy to verify across the Internet, but whether Gary Oldman is the lead author? I’m not too sure. Given the known ‘frenzy’ capabilities of the Internet it could be that both authors will be named on the cover and the press have just decided to lead with the ‘Oldman’ header. What I do know is that no matter what, we’re going to have another best selling series on our hands. Expect a movie or a television series and expect to be hyped to death as vampire cowboys ride into town next Halloween.

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