Helen Dunmore Short Story Collection to be Published Posthumously

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2017 brought the sad loss of poet and short story writer Helen Dunmore, and since then the author has posthumously collected a Costa Award for her poetry collection Inside the Wave. Now it’s been announced that 2018 will bring another posthumous collection from the author, a collection of short stories called Girl, Balancing, and Other Stories.

The tales were collected by Dunmore’s family shortly after the author’s death at her suggestion and will be published by Hutchinson on June 7th 2018. The collection has been described by her editor Selina Walker as “a wonderful testament to Helen’s skills as a master of the narrative art whether in long or short form”.

The collection of stories explores the balance between familial love, motherhood, friendship and grief and will be the first short story collection from Dunmore in twenty years.

Dunmore was a respected author and poet and news of her death last year was followed by an outpouring of tributes from the literary community, where she was called not just an exceptional person, but an exceptional writer too.

Patrick Dunmore, Helen’s son commented after her death that Helen had loved writing short stories but hadn’t published a set for twenty years. It was her who suggested that Girl, Balancing, and Other Stories was collected together after her death.

While Inside the Wave spoke mostly of Dunmore’s illness, and included a poem written just days before her death, this new collection includes work written over many years and will be an eclectic collection of short stories from a variety of times and settings. While Girl, Balancing and Other Stories doesn’t yet have cover art, it is available for pre-order now in time for that June 7th release.

Release Date and Cover Reveal for Fourth Strike Novel Lethal White

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We’ve waited and waited and waited, we’ve discussed the possibilities and debated when the release might be. We’ve sighed as the publication date was put back and we’ve grumbled at having to wait. We’ve cheered at the news it’s finally finished, and today we have a release date and a cover reveal for the fourth book in the Cormoran Strike series, Lethal White.

I don’t know about you, but I am so excited, I placed my pre-order before I came to write this blog.
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Anthony Bourdain Biography to be Published Next Year

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It has been three weeks since chef, author, writer, and travel documentarian Anthony Bourdain tragically took his own life, and the world is still keenly feeling the loss of a man who brought happiness, culture, and great food to those who followed his work. Bourdain’s influence won’t soon be forgotten, especially now that a biography is set to be published next year. Read More

Eddie Izzard Has Recorded an Audiobook of Charles Dickens’ ‘Great Expectations,’ Despite the Fact He’s Dyslexic.

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The famed British comedian and actor, Eddie Izzard, recently discovered that he shared the same birthday as the famed novelist Charles Dickens, though the two artists are separated by 150 years. Despite the fact that Izzard struggles with dyslexia, he has recorded an audiobook of Great Expectations and it’s set to be available to download and listen to on June 28 for only 99p on Amazon. Read More

Next Cormoran Strike Novel ‘Lethal White’ to be Released Later this Year

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As fans of the page will know, we’ve been watching for the release of the next Cormoran Strike novel, Lethal White for a while now. We’ve been waiting and waiting for the fourth novel in the crime series written by J. K Rowling under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith.

Originally it was delayed as Rowling was working on the screenplays for the Fantastic Beasts movie but Rowling has sent out various updates since she announced what Lethal White would be called. However, it’s now been almost three years since Career of Evil, the third novel in the series was published and fans have been getting impatient.
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Samoan writer brings taboo subjects to the fore in new book.

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Samoan artist and writer Sia Figiel has a new book out this year that tackles human stereotypes and taboos.

Sia was heavily influenced by the Somoan culture she grew up in and names her greatest inspiration as Samoan novelist and poet, Albert Wendt. She is best known for her earlier novels Where we Once Belonged and Girl in the Moon Circle.

Her latest novel tackles difficult subjects and attempts to dispel certain myths and stereotypes and, she says, only took her 6 weeks to write!

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