New Releases Week Commencing 12th September

By September 12, 2016New Releases

We are often asked to let you know about the books that are due to be released, what are the hot picks and what books we should all be looking out for. With the arrival of the eBook and self published Indie novels it is all but impossible to be able to share with you every single book that is due for release each week but we can share with you the latest hardbacks being released.
This week we have selected five new releases for the week commencing September 12th, we apologise to your TBR lists in advance.

Between Breaths – Elizabeth Vargas (Memoir)

 From the moment she uttered the words, “I am an alcoholic,” to interviewer George Stephanopoulos, Elizabeth Vargas began writing her story, as her experiences were still raw.  Now she shares her childhood anxieties that grew and took over her life, her addictions, her rehab and the first year of sobriety in this honest and inspiring memoir.

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Blood Crime – Sebastia Alzamora (Gothic Thriller)

Translated from its original Catalan by Martha Tennent and  Maruxa Relano the murders of a Marist monk and a young boy, drained of their blood, are strange enough to catch a police inspector’s attention even though it is 1936 and Barcelona is burning as the Spanish Civil War takes over. “Narrated by a vampire who thrives in the havoc of the war, this stunning novel, inspired by the true story of a massacre in the early days of the Spanish Civil War, is a Gothic reflection on the nature of monsters, in all their human forms.”

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Little Nothing – Marisa Silver (Historical Fiction)

The story of a girl, scorned for her physical deformity, whose passion and salvation lie in her otherworldly ability to transform herself and the world around her. Little Nothing is the story of Pavla born in an unnamed country at the beginning of the last century, never growing longer than her crib Pavla is first experimented upon by a local charlatan and then subjected to all manner of cruelties by the locals this is an extraordinary book; part fairy tale, part allegory and a completely enthralling read.

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The Reckoning on Cane Hill – Steve Mosby (Mystery)

It’s been two years since Charlie Matheson died in a car accident so who is this woman who bears an uncanny likeness to Charlie and why is she claiming to be Charlie back from the dead? Detective Mark Nelson who is assigned her case knows the horror of loss after his own son’s murder. Now, every year he receives a mysterious card on his son’s birthday and this year it has a message I know who did it. Now the two must find out what is going on and why they have been brought together in the strangest of circumstances.

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Vivian In Red – Kristina Riggle (Fiction)

Milo has suffered a stroke which has robbed him of the power of speech. He believes it was the vision of a woman from his past standing on the street opposite him looking not a day older than the last time he saw her sixty odd years ago. Milo believes he must unravel his complicated history with Vivian Adair in order to win back his words. But he needs help and that help comes in the guise of his granddaughter Eleanor, who must dig into Milo’s colourful past to discover the real story behind his greatest song Love Me, I Guess, and the mysterious woman who inspired an amazing life.

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There you are, five new releases just waiting for you to slot them onto your bookshelves and add to your TBR lists. If you do treat yourselves, don’t forget to send us in your reviews.

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