Sequel to Reasons to Stay Alive Coming from Matt Haig

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If you’re a fan of Matt Haig, author of Reasons to Stay Alive then we havesome great news for you, as there are two new books coming from the author and one of them is a “sequel of sorts” to the bestselling Reasons to Stay Alive. The second book coming from the author is a second adult novel.

The follow on to Reasons to Stay Alive will be published in the summer of 2018 and the nonfiction Notes on a Nervous Planet will explore the many causes of anxiety in modern society and some useful ways to combat them.

The second, and yet unnamed book is an adult novel and not expected for publication until the summer of 2019.

Haig is hot property right now, his latest novel How to Stop Time was published last week and the rights to the book have been sold in 26 countries. Film rights have already been optioned, with Benedict Cumberbatch named for the lead, and more than half a million copies have already been sold.

Matt Haig isn’t the most conventional author, but while his books are very different to each other, his theme of good mental health, and his view of the modern world shines through in all his works.

The new releases will be published by Canongate, and we’ll have news of the pre-orders as they open.

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