10 Slytherin Tattoos for the Dedicated Deatheater

The Sorting Hat has figured you out and decided you belong to the House of Salazar Slytherin, the most cunning and ambitious of the Hogwarts founders.

In this devious and proud Hogwarts House you will be in great company- hugely successful wizards such as Merlin, The Bloody Baron, and Lord Voldemort have come before you.

Some of the more dedicated Slytherins have decided to permanently mark their bodies with designs to celebrate the powerful house to which they now belong… Would you show your love for Slytherin in this way?

1. A most sssstriking tat via CookieStool

2. Great mix of creepy and cool via Texas Tattoos

3. A coy Lord Voldy via Tattoos By Jaclyn

4. Killer tat via Anna B. Nana

5. This classy Slytherin’s first ever tattoo! De Saint Leger.

6. Adorable snake for a sweet Slytherin via Abi Loveless

7. Deathly art via Decapo Tattoos

8. Slytherin magic via Ramouchan

9. Mixing genres with Literary Ink

10. Embracing your dark side with Kal Hashart

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