British Bake Off Winner Nadiya Hussain Publishes First Novel

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No one had heard of Nadiya Hussain until she won the Great British Bake Off last year, and since then she’s been taken to the nation’s heart with her own television show, and now a debut novel!

The Secret Lives of the Amir Sisters was published today and is available now, and follows the story of three sisters of Bangladeshi heritage who live in a small village in England. Writing novels is a far cry from baking but the novel sounds like an interesting reflection of modern British life and is likely to be a best seller.

It’s been reported that Nadiya Hussain has a deal for three novels so if you like this one then you can expect more from the author who has taken to the limelight like a duck to water!

The baker turned author was on BBC Radio 2 today talking about the novel and the things she uses for inspiration. Nadiya says she carries a notebook around with her and blames her father for the most comical lines in the book. She certainly comes across as funny and gregarious but marks The Secret Lives of the Amir Sisters as drama rather than comedy.

The Secret Lives of the Amir Sisters is available from Wednesday 11th January and given the author’s success since her Bake Off win last year we’ll be very surprised if it’s not a resounding success!

Final Roald Dahl Book to be Published with new Illustrations

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The Minpins was the last children’s book by Roald Dahl published before the author’s death and was first published in 1991. Now it’s announced that the book is to be reissued with a new title and new illustrations.

Billy and the Minpins, a new title to reflect Dahl’s original name for the book will be published in hardback later this year and the book will come with brand new illustrations from Quentin Blake. It’ll be the first time the illustrator has illustrated a new Dahl hero in over 20 years, and fans are pretty excited! Read More

Philip Pullman Announces Companion Trilogy to ‘His Dark Materials’

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Author Philip Pullman shot to fame in 1995 when he published the first installment in ‘His Dark Materials’ trilogy, which finished in the year 2000. Consisting of The Golden Compass, The Subtle Knife, and The Amber Spyglass, these fantasy books went on to sell over 17.5 million copies, have been translated into over 40 languages, and, in the case of The Golden Compass, was adapted into a Hollywood film starring Danial Craig and Nicole Kidman.

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Crowdfunding Supports New LGBT Book Release

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On Tuesday 14th February Promised Land was released to the general public after a Crowdfunding campaign raised $40,000 (NZD) to see this project come to life.

The brains, and hearts, behind the book are writers Chaz Harris and Adam Reynolds from Wellington, New Zealand, who worked tirelessly to see this inclusive fairytale land come to life along with co-illustrators Bo Moore and Christine Luiten.

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Third Book Coming in the Very British Problems Series

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Journalist Rob Temple has given Britishness worldwide accolade with his hilarious ‘Very British Problems’ series. The journalist has a huge social media following in which he posts stereotypically British problems. From that a series of books has spawned and today it’s announced that the third book in the series is coming.

Rob Temple: Very British Problems The Third will be out in hardback in October this year, bringing readers more ‘So very British’ problems full of social awkwardness and despair.

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