COVID19, Essential Quarantine Items, Real Life Pandemics, and a Life that is Stranger than Fiction!

By April 1, 2020News

We’re just reaching out to you to ensure you’re staying sane during this global crisis and to offer a little reminder that we’re all in this together. Our little community celebrates its 8th birthday this coming month and in that time we have brought together almost 1,500,000 followers from more than one hundred countries in the world. That is nothing to the rate this global pandemic has brought us all together, but here we are, one world, at home, working towards the same cause.

Know that our community remains the same and accessible, and our Facebook group is the place to be if you are looking for some support at this time.

Around site our focus has changed a little, our latest list is ten books about real life pandemics to follow our pandemic fiction list and while that might seem scary, all of those events in history came to an end. After saying ‘stay safe’ to my friends a hundred times today I suddenly realise why we still say ‘bless you’ so long after our memory of the bubonic plague has faded. Who knows what changes this time will bring about but for now, if your library is closed here are some resources to find stories, and we’ll be bringing regular lists, quizzes, and reading related activity on site and on our social media channels.

We’re also taking submissions right now too. Are you an author who would like to do us a reading? You get to promote your book, we get to hear you read and pass some times. And even if you’re not an author we’re currently accepting guest blogs, poetry submissions, poetry readings, pretty much anything bookish you’d like to share with us. Just email us to submit a piece for consideration and we’ll be giving discount codes, and Amazon vouchers for the most popular.

And the current events have got us thinking about the things you need at home to survive this quarantine. We need books of course and we also need to feel comfortable and safe at this time, which is why we’re recommending

Hooded blankets, which are perfect for snuggling as that spring chill still hits in the evening.

View the collection

Hooded blankets, which are perfect for snuggling as that spring chill still hits in the evening.

View the collection

If you’re really bored, you could even customise your own bookish design, working with our designers who are designing from their own homes, following all the self isolation guidelines.

View the collection

We have no idea how long this hideous situation might continue, but we will do our best to continue to be here, especially as we all work remotely from our homes. Thom is a front line worker during this crisis, so we won’t have any blogs from him for a while but the rest of are are still here and we’re taking submissons from your too!

We hope you find a way to connect with your neighbours, reach out to someone if you need them, and we hope you stay safe during this very worrying time.

Whatever you do, stay safe and keep in touch!

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