DC Comics cancel latest comic after backlash from conservative Christians

By April 9, 2019 Culture, News, Political

DC Comics have had to withdraw from a new comic series after negative backlash from confused American conservative Christians.

Second Coming was meant to be released with DC’s Vertigo on March the 6th 2019, but the comic has since been cancelled thanks to a petition from conservative Christians. The petition stated the series was “outrageous and blasphemous”, with negativity whipped up by hyperbolic and hysterical US news outlets Fox News and the Christian Broadcasting Network. Eventually the petition gained 230,000 signatures- it begs the question how many of those signatures were reacting to their biased news source or researched the comic themselves before making a judgement about it?

If those who signed the petition actually looked into what the comic was about, they may feel rather silly about their excessive response. The series offers a cultural commentary on modern-day Christianity with all the hypocrisies and un-Christian behaviour that goes along with some of it. God, disappointed by Jesus’s first time on Earth-where he ended up crucified- sends Jesus back to Earth 2,000 years later, and tells him to take lessons from Sun-Man, a superhero worshipped by humans. Jesus is rightly horrified to see how humans have been using their religion to spread hate instead of love, and is shocked to see what has been done in his name since his death.

How can anyone have a problem with a comic book trying to bring Christians back to the love and light of the original message of Jesus?

It seems quite a dangerous precedent to set- allowing art and stories to be silenced by loud and ignorant voices. Shame on DC, and shame on those who signed a petition without knowing truly what the comic was about.

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