Filming to Start on The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society Movie

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It’s been confirmed that filming for the adaptation of the best selling book, The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society is to start in the spring! Also announced is the lead role, free-spirited journalist Juliey Ashton, who will be played by in-demand British actress Lily James.

Originally Kate Winslet was touted for the role so the announcement has come as a bit of a shock to fans of the actress who has made no statement as to why she won’t now appear in the project. When Winslet’s name was touted it was also announced that Kenneth Branagh would also star in the adaptation but we’ve heard no further news on that front either.

The story is set on the island of Guernsey in the aftermath of World War II, and is an epistolary novel, in that it’s written as a series of letters and documents. How exactly this will be portrayed in the movie is as yet unknown, but we do know that the scriptwriters are Don Roos and Tom Bezucha and that filming will take place at Studiocanal who are financing the project.

The story centres around a book club, and this makes the book a big hit with bibliophiles who have praised the unique prose, the touching subject matter and the themes of friendship, loyalty and courage.

Epistolary novels can be notoriously difficult to adapt and readers will be anxious to see their favourite novel done justice on the silver screen.

We don’t yet have news of who will play the other notable roles such as Juliet’s close friend Dawsey Adams, Juliet’s publisher, Sidney Stark, or Sophie Strachan, Juliet’s best friend. With filming set to start in the spring, the news is likely to roll out in the next few weeks and hopefully it won’t be too long before we have a first teaser trailer.

With filming this year, it’s unlikely that we’re going to get to see the movie before 2018, so if you haven’t yet read the book, you have plenty of time to do so.

The YA Book Prize Opens for Submissions

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Terry Pratchett: His World – A Review of the Exhibition

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On until January 2018, the Salisbury Museum with donations and support from The Estate of Terry Pratchett, and Paul Kidby – Sir Terry Pratchett’s artist of choice – present an exhibition entitled ‘Terry Pratchett: His World’.

The exhibition is a unique collection of artefacts which portray his amazing life and career, from his first novel The Carpet People which was published in 1971 to his later novels including the Discworld series. Artwork from the Discworld novels including over 40 original illustrations by Paul Kidby adorn the walls and will make any Discworld fan nostalgic for the books.

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The Room of Requirement Coming to Cardiff’s Historic Arcades

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Calling all Cardiffian Potterheads – Magic is coming to town! In the coming months, should you find yourself traipsing through the Castle Arcade, concentrating on something you require in particular, you might just be lucky enough to stumble upon the arcade’s newest addition. Relocating from Hogwarts’ seventh floor is the ‘Come and Go Room’ – and if you’re not a Hogwarts house-elf – better known as the ‘Room of Requirement’.

In the past, the room has served to fulfil many witches and wizards’ greatest needs. Dumbledore once stumbled upon the room with an especially full bladder, to find it full of chamber pots. Whilst it transformed into a broom cupboard for the mischievous Fred and George to hide from Filch. Lest not forget, the room fulfilled the requirements of Dumbledore’s Army, serving as their headquarters and practice area. For you, the room will transform into a shop, stocking everything Harry Potter (basically essentials for every doting fan). Read More

To Kill a Mockingbird Removed from Mississippi School Reading List

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To Kill a Mockingbird, Harper Lee’s classic novel about racism in the American South has been removed from a school’s reading list because language in the book “makes people uncomfortable.”

The Biloxi school board this week decided that the novel should be removed from the curriculum, though it will still be available in the school’s library. The vice-president of the school board told the Sun Herald newspaper that they had received several complaints about the book because the language it uses makes people feel uncomfortable.

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