Gaiman’s Sandman is coming to Netflix as a live-action adaptation

By July 2, 2019 Adaptations, News

Neil Gaiman’s graphic novel The Sandman, published by DC Comics, is reported to be in the planning stages of a Netflix live-action series adaptation.

The title character Dream, known as Morpheus- among other names, is one of the seven Endless: Destiny, Death, Desire, Despair, Delirium and Destruction (also ‘The Prodigal’). Gaiman puts to use his penchant for anthropomorphic personification of the metaphysical, while blending mythology and history and horror to create one of the first graphic novels to appear on the NYT Bestsellers list.

The Sandman is mostly set in the Dreaming (Morpheus’s world) and the waking world, occasionally reaching other domains such as Asgard. It is a story about stories, and follows the Lord of Dreams as he is captured and held prisoner by cultists, only to escape and discover his kingdom has changed while he was away.

Robin Marchant/Getty Images; Courtesy of DC ENTERTAINMENT; Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

After years of failed attempts at adapting the dark comic horror, it looks like The Sandman is on its way thanks to a huge finance deal with Warner Bros. It has been cited as potentially being the most expensive TV series DC Entertainment has ever done.

Allan Heinberg (Grey’s Anatomy) has been named as writer and show-runner, with Gaiman and David Goyer as executive producers.

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  • Adam Maas says:

    Not all that surprising given that Netflix already has a series in the same universe (Lucifer), and is a lot smarter than the networks at realizing the tie-in value of that

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