HBO Announces ‘Game of Thrones’ Prequel ‘House of the Dragon’

By November 4, 2019 Adaptations, News

Based on George R.R. Martin’s fantasy books A Song of Ice and Fire, Game of Thrones made its debut in 2011 and became one of the most talked about, and critically acclaimed, TV shows of all time. The series ended earlier this year and those of you who are missing the world of Westeros will be pleased to learn that HBO has announced a new series based on Martin’s lore is on its way.


Details are still scarce, but House of the Dragon will be set around 300 years before the events of Game of Thrones, and will show us the history of House Targaryen and Westeros as it stood long before Daenerys Targaryen sought to sit on the Iron Throne. As Game of Thronesofficial Twitter account revealed, the show will be co-created by George R.R. Martin and Ryan Condal.

Martin took to his blog to confirm the news and to offer a few more details. House of the Dragon has apparently been in the works for a number of years and it was the first idea he pitched to HBO when the studio began asking about a successor to Game of Thrones back in 2016. Martin wrote that he’d like to script a few episodes, but made it very clear that his attention is still very much focused on the long-awaited A Song of Ice and Fire book The Winds of Winter, which fans have been waiting for since the latest installment in the series was released in 2011. Martin wrote:

“But… let me make this perfectly clear… I am not taking on any scripts until I have finished and delivered WINDS OF WINTER.  Winter is still coming, and WINDS remains my priority, as much as I’d love to write an episodes of HOUSE.”

Those of you who have been keeping up to date with all things Game of Thrones may also be aware that another spin-off show was in the works. Known as Blood Moon, the series was going to be set during the very early days of Westeros, before even House Targaryen came along, and a pilot starring Naomi Watts was shot earlier this year. Unfortunately, this project has been cancelled, as George himself wrote:

“As exciting as the series order is, I would be remiss if I did not also mention the bad news. HBO also announced that it has decided not to proceed with the other successor show we had in development, the one I kept calling THE LONG NIGHT (though it was, and remains, officially untitled), the pilot for which was shot in Northern Ireland last spring and summer. Set thousands of years before either GAME OF THRONES or HOUSE OF THE DRAGON, and centered on the Starks and the White Walkers, the untitled pilot was written by Jane Goldman, directed by S.J. Clarkson, and starred Naomi Watts, Miranda Richardson, and a splendid cast. It goes without saying that I was saddened to hear the show would not be going to series. Jane Goldman is a terrific screenwriter, and I enjoyed brainstorming with her. I do not know why HBO decided not to go to series on this one, but I do not think it had to do with HOUSE OF THE DRAGON. This was never an either/or situation. If television has room enough for multiple CSIs and CHICAGO shows… well, Westeros and Essos are a lot bigger, with thousands of years of history and enough tales and legends and characters for a dozen shows” He went on to give his sympathies to all those who worked on Blood Moon and wished them the best for their future plans.

No doubt fans of A Song of Ice and Fire and Game of Thrones will be eager to see this project come to life. A Release window is yet to be announced but no doubt we’ll hear plenty more over the coming months.

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