Heartbroken swan who found love in lockdown inspires children’s story

By November 17, 2020Children's Literature, News

A heartbroken swan who found new love in lockdown has inspired their very own children’s book, There’s Something About Wallace.

The female swan, named Mrs Newbie by the community, was heartbroken following the accidental death of her mate Mr Newbie in 2016. Swans are known to be monogamous animals, and Mrs Newbie seemed to be uninterested in finding another mate, no matter how many handsome swan suitors came her way.

That is, until Wallace arrived.

Mrs Newbie had not ventured away from Hampstead Heath since her love died, but in March the humans of her community noticed that she disappeared. People began to worry about her until the third day of her disappearance when she turned up on local rooftop, and was taken to a local Swan Sanctuary.

When a volunteer came to pick up Mrs Newbie and take her home, another swan was with her.

This swan, who was eventually named Wallace, stood in the way of sanctuary volunteers, apparently protecting his love interest.  They noticing a ‘subtle communication’ between the two swans, so sanctuary volunteer and wildlife photographer Louisa Green thought it best to bring the friends back home together.

Just few months later, seven little cygnets appeared.

Their little love story inspired a new children’s book titled There’s Something About Wallace: Lockdown Love on Hampstead Heath.

Volunteer Louisa Green said: “As a rescuer, I am thrilled that the public are supporting our local story but more than anything I adore that these two lonely swans who faced significant hardship have finally found happiness together.”

The book sold 600 copies in the first four weeks of sale, follow the link to get your copy.

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