How Draco Malfoy was let down by the Harry Potter movie adaptations

Draco Malfoy is a much maligned character in the Potterverse and more so, it could be argued, because of his portrayal in the movie franchise.

Draco’s upbringing moulded him into an entitled young man who went to Hogwarts in the belief that he was special in three ways: he was a wizard, he was a pure-blood, and he was a Malfoy- a respected and powerful family in the community. It could be argued that this set Draco up for a fall, especially as one of his peers was The Who Lived, an inherently famous and admired boy. Without excusing Draco’s behaviour and treatment of those he deemed lower than himself, this does go some way to explaining it. It must have been quite a jarring experience for the boy to be confronted with the fact he isn’t so special after all.

The Malfoy fans on Tumblr certainly had some feelings about it, and more so were disappointed by Malfoy’s portrayal in the Harry Potter movies. The lack of context to a lot of Draco Malfoy’s actions and personality were missed, as is usually the case with book-to-movie adaptations, so Tumblr users vented their frustrations, instigated by user venticaramelmocha.

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