In 15 Days, Michelle Obama’s ‘Becoming’ Has Become the Best-Selling Book of 2018

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Despite having been out for little more than two weeks, Becoming by Michelle Obama has already become the best-selling book of 2018. Publisher Penguin Random House announced on November 30 that, in only 15 days, the book had sold over 2 million copies in the United States and Canada alone.

This figure means that Becoming has sold more copies than any other book released so far this year, and it’s been out for less than a month. As Quartz reports, Obama’s memoir is not only performing well in North America, but is also topping the charts abroad. It has reached bestseller status in UK, Germany, France, Italy, and Norway, and is also set to be published in 31 languages.

Mrs. Obama has also embarked on a book tour which has quickly sold out. It was reported that, in New York, readers waited outside in the cold for more than 16 hours in order to get their copy signed.

Becoming serves as a memoir for Michelle Obama’s life and covers her early years and her time as the First Lady of the United States during her husband’s presidency. The book also reveals Obama’s thoughts on the current US President, Donald Trump, where Obama is critical of his character and politics.

The previous title holder for the bestselling book of 2018 was also political, and came in the form of Michael Wolff’s Fire and Fury, which gives a first hand account of Trump’s early days in office. Despite Wolff’s book having an 11 month head start, Becoming has already managed to surpass it.

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David Cameron’s Memoir to be Published in September

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The former Prime Minister’s memoir will be published on Thursday, 19th September, ten days before the Conservative Party Conference and a month before the new Brexit date.
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Michael Wolff Pens Explosive Fire and Fury Sequel

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Now Wolff has announced a sequel, a look at Trump’s second year in power with Seige: Trump Under Fire to be released on June 4th of this year. The book will be published in the US by Henry Holt, and by Little, Brown in the UK.

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