JK Rowling responds to ‘accidental’ transphobic tweet

By June 1, 2020Authors, News

JK Rowling has been under fire once again for a strange tweet.

The Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone author has been accused of transphobic views in the past and this week a strange tweet has landed her in trouble again.

After the news of her latest project release- The Ickabog- many readers and fans of her work were excited to get involved, writing and tweeting, and drawing pictures inspired by the new story.

In response to a cute drawing one young fan sent in, JK tweeted:

“I love this truly fabulous Ickabog, with its bat ears, mismatched eyes and terrifying bloodstained teeth!”

Her tweet then continued: “In court, Wolf claimed the Facebook post in which she’d said he wanted to ‘fuck up some TERFS’ was just ‘bravado’.”

Many followers had screenshot the tweet before Rowling managed to delete it, with an apology.

Rowling has since re-written the original tweet, without the inserted text, along with the message:

“Sorry about the random and totally unconnected sentence that made its way in there. I accidentally pasted in part of a very un-Ickaboggish message I’d just received.”

The pasted text was part of an article about transgender activist Tara Wolf, who was fined £150 for assaulting Maria Maclachlan in 2018, taken from ‘gender critical’ Feminist Current website that has been accused of being transphobic by activists.

In the article JK was apparently quoting, Tara is branded a “trans-identified male”, and referred to throughout – including in the sentence copied and pasted by the author – as “he”- descriptions trans allies would say are transphobic due to the misgendering of a trans woman.

The post was removed from JK Rowling’s account around 20 minutes after it was first shared.

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