John Le Carre’s Last Secret Revealed

By April 4, 2021Authors, News

In December, it was announced that the much loved and respected author, John Le Carre had died. Le Carre made a living out of political novels, with spies, domestic and international interests, and plenty of thrilling espionage, so we can assume he was pretty clued on about politics, and now his last secret is out as in death it’s revealed that John Le Carre changed his citizenship before he died, dying an Irishman.

Le Carre took advantage of an Irish grandmother to become an Irish citizen in 2019 after becoming disillusioned during the Brexit campaigning. An ardent advocate of the EU he wanted to remain a European citizen. Now after his death it’s revealed he succeeded, leading to the esteemed English author dying an Irishman.

Le Carre, real name David Cornwell, was born in Poole in Dorset and lived and worked in the UK, but because of an Irish grandmother, Olive Wolf, was entitled to apply for Irish citizenship. While this may seem like a convenient step, his friend Phillippe Sands revealed that Le Carre was very much tied to his Irish roots and would have proudly taken citizenship.

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