‘Melania and Me’ reveals tensions between First Lady and Ivanka Trump

By September 2, 2020New Releases, News, Political

The former confidant to Melania Trump has released a book to tell-all about what goes on behind the scenes between the FLOTUS and the President’s daughter, Ivanka.

Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, the former director of special events for Vogue magazine, has apparently revealed a contentious relationship between the two Trump women in her upcoming book Melania and Me: The Rise and Fall of My Friendship with the First Lady. Wolkoff has known Melania for more than a decade and was the first Melania hired in the East Wing, where she worked for a short while.

Each moment of tension between the two have been recorded by Wolkoff in the new book, including a reflection on the great efforts that were taken to remove Ivanka- whom Melania allegedly referred to as ‘Princess’- from photos of Donald Trump’s inauguration.

Wolkoff wrote, “We were all exhausted and stressed out. Yes, Operation Block Ivanka was petty. Melania was in on this mission. But in our minds, Ivanka shouldn’t have made herself the centre of attention in her father’s inauguration.”

After news of the book was released, an administration official tried to dismiss Wolkoff’s claims:

“She inflated her relationship with the first lady,” the official said, adding, “It had to be brought to Mrs. Trump’s attention – who does not tolerate that kind of behaviour.”

The first lady’s chief of staff, Stephanie Grisham, told journalists that Wolkoff’s book is “just not truthful” and claimed it is “an exercise in bizarre twisting of the truth and misguided blame for the sake of self-pity.”

Wolkoff claimed that Ivanka and her husband were always looking for ways to “control” Melania, even trying to claim East Wing office space after the inauguration.

“Ivanka was relentless and was determined to be the First Daughter Lady and to usurp office space out from under Melania; she wanted to be the only visible female Trump on the premises,” Wolkoff wrote.

This claim was disputed by officials: “The idea that she was trying to take over the East Wing, I know it’s been written a million times, that doesn’t make it any more true.”

Wolkoff also pointed out the hypocrisy of Ivanka using a private email server for official White House business.

“Ivanka was asking her work contacts at the White House to write to her at her private email — the exact offence the Trumps had lambasted Hillary Clinton for during the general election,” she wrote. “Would anyone chant ‘Lock her up!’ about Ivanka’s private server? Doubtful. The email thing was hypocritical, to say the least. But the Trumps made their own rules.”

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