NRA tell-all book details corruption and fraud

By August 21, 2020New Releases, News, Political

The National Rifle Association’s former chief of staff to CEO Wayne LaPierre will release a tell-all book detailing “fraud and corruption”.

Josh Powell’s book will be published on September 8th 2020 with the lengthy title: Inside the NRA: A Tell-All Account of Corruption, Greed and Paranoia Within the Most Powerful Political Group in America.

Powell, a former NRA member who was fired in January, is named in a state civil suit that accuses him of ‘inappropriate spending’.

In his book he claims that the NRA’s main aim is to spread fear among Americans that they’d lose their gun rights and that they increase tensions purposefully with these claims to bring in more donations from, in Powell’s own words “gun-toting ‘deplorables'” who have fear “deep in their bones” of losing their rights to arms.

In the book, Powell recalls a 2012 conversation he had at executive level in the NRA’s advertising dept. about how to report on the Sandy Hook Newtown shooting massacre.
Twenty children and six adults were shot and killed at Sandy Hook and Powell explains how “membership money and donations were an open spigot,” and “if we needed more, Wayne would just pour ‘gasoline on the fire,’ as he put it.”
Powell said they had one aim: “Sell the fear. Pour gasoline on the fire.”

“It worked to excite the most extreme faction of our membership — they ate it up.”

The abhorrent decision to use tragedy as a tool to increase support of membership and gain donations is explained by their financial state- the NRA are reported in the book as being in great trouble financially. According to Powell “the finances of the NRA are in shambles; it has operated in the red for the past three years, despite annual revenues of roughly $350 million a year.”

“The waste and dysfunction at the NRA was staggering, costing the organisation and its members hundreds of millions of dollars over the years.”

Despite his bad mouthing of the organisation, Powell said he has “a sense of hope for the future, for a better organisation that can more effectively serve both gun owners and America.”

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