One Man, MANY Faces: 31 Days of Wizardry by Jaremi Carey

Wizardry, witchery and magical transformations abound- Transformation artist, Jaremi Carey, has had a very busy October!

Each day the talented artist surprised fans with a magical transformation as he turned himself into a character from the Harry Potter universe.

The project began in August after success with his Bellatrix Lestrange drag act, and receiving the full range of wands from the Harry Potter tour; Jaremi then began creating costumes and prosthetics for his planned Potter event in October.

31 of the faces are scarily recognisable as favourites from the Harry Potter movie series, and one is a bonus none of us were expecting- the author of the books, J.K Rowling herself!

There was, sadly, one character that didn’t happen in the end: Fawkes, Albus Dumbledore’s pet phoenix.

“It looked like a flaming hot Cheetos bird. It was really bad,” Jaremi said.

So much hard work went into each of these amazing looks- scroll through and be amazed- then go and give Jaremi a follow on Insta and Twitter.

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