Philip Pullman is sick of incompetent political figures like Nigel Farage

By November 22, 2019Authors, News, Political

His Dark Materials author Philip Pullman is unapologetically vocal towards and about political figures.

Pullman has pounced upon politicians for claiming to have the backing of “the will of the people” as their main motivation:

“Any political power that rules in the name of something that cannot be questioned is extremely dangerous,” he told fans in London at the launch of volume two of his Book of Dust trilogy, The Secret Commonwealth.

Pullman also quoted William Blake at the Alexandra Palace event about the dangers of being blinkered: “May God us keep, From Single vision & Newtons sleep” – he said that “single vision” was “the kind of vision that only sees the things that can be measured”.

“If you become a little obsessed with this you forget there are other ways of being true than just being measurable, and this is what’s happened with Lyra [from the His Dark Materials trilogy].” he said.

Pullman’s latest victim is the former MEP, right-wing Brexiteer figure Nigel Farage who Pullman called a ‘bollock-faced foghorn of ignorance’ on Twitter.

LBC radio, who have Farage as a pundit, supported the former MEP as he lied about Article 50 and the EU, and doubled down on his lying with a supportive tweet. After realising their ‘mistake’ they promised to rectify it, however the offending tweet is still live and no retraction has been made.

Farage told listeners that Article 50, the legal basis for triggering an exit from the EU, contains no obligations to pay extra money after leaving. Farage held up a sign reading: ‘Article 50. The rights and obligations deriving from the Treaties would therefore extinguish.’

The terrible appearence on LBC radio by Farage prompted Philip Pullman to respond to the bad use of the verb ‘extinguish’ with a grumpy tweet.

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