Jackie Kay recommends – Poetry anthologies

When First Minister Nicola Sturgeon posted a thread of her best books for 2018, many users noted the lack of poetry books. In reply, Sturgeon wrote, “If it makes you feel better, one of the new year resolutions is to read more poetry. With the exception of my love for @JackieKayPoet, I’m quite deficient in that regard.”

Scottish poet, Jackie Kay herself was quick to reply, telling the SNP leader that she would happily create a ‘suggested reading list’ for Nicola Sturgeon and, of course, others on Twitter who were eager to hear her recommendations.

True to her promise, Jackie Kay posted the first collection for her reading list, for the month of January, Anthologies. Kay’s recommends include; Making for Planet Alice, Ten Poems about Rivers, England: Poems From A School, Signs and Humours Poetry of Medicine, Red, and She Is Fierce – which features poems by many great Scottish poets, including Jackie Kay herself.

Jackie Kay, has not only delivered on her original promise with her recommended poetry anthologies but also promised to send a different list each month which we, alongside many Twitter users, are eager to receive. Plus, if you head to Kay’s Twitter, you too can join in and chip in recommendations for Nicola Sturgeon’s poetry education.

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