7 Bookish Things About Me

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All over Facebook I keep seeing these ‘7 things you didn’t know about me’ posts so I thought I’d have a go on my own. Of course I had to put a bookish twist on things, being Reading Addicts Kath! It’s just a bit of fun but I hope you’ll enjoy finding out a little about me, the face behind the brand. Feel free to add your own bookish facts in the comments!

Fact 1 – I was never taught to read

When I was a child I didn’t like staying still much, but I loved sitting on my granddad’s knee where he used to put me and read the paper aloud. At 2 years and 8 months it became clear that I could read words too.

Fact 2 – My journey into real literature started late

Despite learning to read young, I didn’t come from a background where proper literature was particularly revered, so I didn’t really get introduced to the classics as a child. When I was 21 I told a boyfriend I’d never heard of Orwell, and after laughing at me he gave me a copy of Animal Farm on the start of a coach trip to Paris and I was hooked! This same boyfriend nicknamed me Squealer after the pig in Animal Farm because of my tendency to hop from foot to foot when I am excited about an idea.

Fact 3 – I used to skip school to read

I moved from a small village to a big city when I was 12 and I hated it. I hated my new school so much I went off the rails. Even today I’m sure my parents imagine that I was up to some terrible things, but most days I just sat in the park and read books.

Fact 4 – I woke up a bookseller once at midnight

My next door neighbour a few years ago used to own a book business, selling books to schools. Having her right next door I regularly used to ask her to order books for me. When Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire was released she let slip the day before the release that my copy had arrived, because it wasn’t released until the next day she wouldn’t hand it over. After spending the entire day grumpy because my book was so close and I couldn’t read it, I knocked her awake at midnight for my copy!

Fact 5 – I’m a book devourer

Finally with you Reading Addicts I’m in good company, and none of you will be surprised to know I can get through 4 or 5 books a week!

Fact 6 – I’ve hosted Reading Nights

We aren’t really television watchers, but we all love to read so we hold reading nights. We have friends over and pass the book between us, reading aloud. No one has to read longer than we want to, and even adult friends have told me they have become more confident readers.

Fact 7 – As a child I pretended to be book character.

Aw hell, I still do it! I never told anyone in my life this until yesterday and now I’m telling all of you! If I’m nervous or scared of a situation I choose a character from a book who would be good in my place and pretend to be them. I consider this to be my superpower.

I hope you enjoyed that, it was completely for fun, but we’d love to hear yours too!

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  • Melkam says:

    wow. most of them doesn’t surprise me actually, seeing I am reading addict…but it really feels good to know there is someone out there who is obsessed with books like me in the world dominated by showbiz.

  • Barbara says:

    1) I highlight my books and put the best of the highlights in my book journal.
    2) I pass on my books by leaving them in public places for others to enjoy.
    3) I love rereading favorites and noticing how what I highlight has changed over time.
    4) I have thousands of books and only a couple of electronic gadgets
    5) I also love positive words and collect them, many from my reading. I am a ludic reader.
    6) I read several books at one time.
    7) I keep a log of all the books I have read and the 3 best ideas from each of them

    • p.a.jayaprakash says:

      Great to hear, that you leave books in public places.. a novel way of displaying your character and I also read few books at one time.. I have a flickering minds. the trouble was while reading… my minds often go to various books..

  • Jenylin says:

    1. I cringe when someone dogears the pages of a book.
    2. I always wanted to be host or be part of a bookswap event where we all get together and exchange books with one another but I’m too shy.
    3. I have a book with me everywhere I go, wether I have time to read it or not.
    4. I have books I’ve downloaded on my tablet, but it feels weird reading books electronically.
    5. People always made me feel guilty for majoring in English Literature and saying I was never gonna find a job. Hey at least I picked something I love which is reading……..so fuck you!
    6. I’m a book hoarder
    7. I own more books than clothes

  • Mickey says:

    1. I plan my vacations around bookstores I want to visit.
    2. I’ve been reading since I was about 3 years old. Don’t ask how old I am now.

  • Robin says:

    1. I can read anywhere, anytime.
    2. I remember books I love more clearly than most of my real life events.
    3. Bad at spelling and grammar but I write correctly and easily because I read do much.
    4. Thanks to constant reading in most genres I know tons of trivia.
    5. I read all the time but two or three times a year I go on a “read” where I read all day every day for up to 3 weeks. I can’t stop and I zip through dozens of books.
    6. I know exactly how my favorite books will make me feel and will read them to capture a mood.
    7. Reading is like a delicious meal that never gets you full, there is always room for more.

  • Gary Taylor says:

    1. I learned to read by myself before I started kindergarten.
    2. I skipped a grade from 3rd to 4th because of the knowledge base I had already acquired from voracious reading.
    3. In the first grade I was reading sixth grade books, in the second grade I was reading high school and adult books, in the third grade before going to the fourth grade I was reading aloud to the class when the teacher was busy with something else.
    4. I earned my college degree from taking all tests. I have a dual major BA in history and sociology. I had accumulated so much knowledge in so many fields it was quite easy.

  • Trinity says:

    1. I have been given a nickname based on a character I wrote. A few call me by that name and have introduced me publicly by said name.
    2. I will only place a book I truly love in my library. The others I pass on. I have over 200.
    3. I would rather read than do anything else and I do mean anything. (Would like to point out I don’t have kids, so that may change later on.)
    4. I often get stuck on one genre for a long time. I can’t help it. When I find a book I love I am determined to find another in the same genre. Horror and Fantasy are my favorites.
    5. I LOVE Harry Potter. I am a 31 year old fangirl. I am not embarrassed by this at all. I even have a snitch tattoo and have plans for two others.
    6. My pseudonym is based off of a fan fiction. (Harry Potter)
    7. I have a nook and I download books from a few apps. Even though my electronic devices house more than 200 books, (this number is not included in my library count) I don’t even use them. I want to hold the book, smell the paper, feel the pages as I turn them, and place my stamp on the inside cover.

  • Teresa Maiden says:

    1. Mom potty trained me by letting me read books. It was the only time I sat still.
    2. Mom always said she couldn’t wait until I learned to read. Once I did she said she never saw my face again until I was 18 because there was always a book in front of it.
    3. I judge books by their covers. I didn’t read Rosemary’s Baby for about 10 years after Mom gave it to me. Why did I want to read about somebody’s baby?
    4. Guilty pleasure…YA books
    5. I take a book (in one form or another) with me everywhere I go.
    6. When listening to audio books I talk back to the characters.” You’re an idiot.” “Slut!” & “What the Hell were you thinking?” are often voiced.
    7. I have over 130 audio books and at least half that many bound books including 1 from the PCPL that I paid for because I couldn’t bear to part with it & couldn’t find it in print. I feel no guilt as it was an outdated forensic science book.

  • Pat Schager says:

    1.) My mother was called to the principal’s office when I started 1st grade because I could ALREADY read.
    2.) If I am going on a trip, the first thing I pack is books!
    3.) I save books that I have read to take to my lab and cardiologist appointments. (They have exchange shelves. )
    4.) I see nothing wrong with reading 6-7 books at a time. Maybe because I am a Gemini?
    5.) If I pick up a book by an unknown-to-me author and like it, the first thing I do is look up everything they have written and start reading them in order.
    6.) I never leave the house without a book and a backup book. I also keep at least 2 books in the car. If I have to wait for an extended time, I let them know that I will be fine unless I finish my book before they are finished/ready for me.

  • Reshma says:

    I actually started reading in my college life…
    Before that I thought it’s a boring hobby bt nw I love it….
    My grandfather used to read stories for me on my school vacation I too enjoyed it a lot but never read a book myself..
    But nw I have my own books….Many many books….still many new n old books are lined up to be read….N I love dis feeling… 🙂

  • Jennifer says:

    This is an awesome article/list 🙂 I’ve loved books ever since I was little thanks to my Dad reading to me before bed. I too am a book devourer, especially when I’m on a roll, but here recently, ever since I finished The Night Circus, it’s been hard to focus on other books. Your reading nights sound like fun 🙂 I too have pretended to be a character from a book.

  • Shastina Henderson says:

    I always have books on me.
    If I’m uncomfortable where I am, I just hide and pull it out.

    I also usually read multiple books of different genres so I have a book for whichever mood I’m in, though I do favor different genres at different times. I love mystery, fantasy, smut, thriller, horror, children’s books, historical. All of it.

    The first time I read a book to someone, I had memorized it and was reading it backwards and upside down.

    My mom and I used to read the dictionary together and pick favorite words. It was one of my favorite things we did.

    I also look into an author if I really enjoy a book by them. I must know if everything is as good.

    My husband and I read books together, and plan on soon picking authors and books to write reports on and present to each other.

    I have a couple books I’ve read so many times I don’t NEED to read them again, but when I feel down and need something to take me away, I read them to cheer myself up.

  • Heather says:

    Ahhhh. So great to see so many kindred spirits. Creating my list now, and asking my book club to do the same!

  • 1. I hate to run out of books so, if I’m out shopping I always grab a few or buy more on my kindle or head to the library. Sometimes all 3!
    2. I read when I stop at red lights.
    3. I have a different bookmark for every book I read ( I have about 7)
    4. I donate my books to the literacy center when I’m done. I never keep them.
    5. I always take two books with me just in case I finish one.
    6. I love listening to music when I read. Especially classical music because it always sets the scene.
    7. I love books more than shopping for shoes, clothes, etc.

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