7 Box Set Book Series for the Fantasy Fan in Your Life

It’s the time of year for buying gifts, and while we all know that books make fabulous presents it can be hard to know what to buy. If you have a friend who loves fantasy then today we can help by recommending 7 box set book series, all from the broad fantasy genre.

All the series we’ve chosen are complete so there’s no waiting for the next book in the series, and they’re all available as complete box sets, with lovely cover art, making the perfect complete gift.

The Wildwood Chronicles – Colin Meloy

To have these on the bookshelf would be a wonderful thing. The art doesn’t stop at the stunning covers, this box set contains over eighty illustrations, maps and full colour playes, bringing all the magic of the epic fantasy world of Wildwood to life.

The Wildwood Chronicles US
The Wildwood Chronicles UK

The Witcher Box Set – Andrzej Sapkowski

The Witcher Epic Fantasy Saga inspired an entire world including video games and is considered to be one of the most detailed and best explored fantasy lands in modern fantasy. Any fantasy fan will be thrilled to be introduced to the assassin known as The Witcher.

The Witcher US
The Witcher UK

The Dark Tower Series – Stephen King

King is the master of the epic and many of his series come in boxed set versions. This 8 book set of the Dark Tower series was released in time for Christmas last year, the cover art is stunning and with the current movie adaptation, it makes the perfect gift for those who love epic fantasy! (covers vary, US/UK)

The Dark Tower US
The Dark Tower UK

Akira 35th Anniversary Box Set – Katsuhiro Otomo

We said fantasy was a broad genre, and we’d include dystopian anima and manga in that. This beautifully present six hardcover box set is the complete story of Akira, a dystopian saga set in Neo-Tokyo, a city recovering from thermonuclear attack where the streets have been ceded to motorcycle gangs and the rich and powerful run dangerous experiments on destructive, supernatural powers that they cannot control.

Akira US
Akira UK

Inheritance Cycle Box Set – Christopher Paolini

It’s been a few years since this was released, but if you know someone who missed it the first time around this trade paperback box set is great value and the covers are really beautiful! Perfect fantasy, complete with dragon.

Inheritance Cycle US
Inheritance Cycle UK

The 100 Complete Box Set – Kass Morgan

It’s nuclear post-apocalyptic hell, wrapped up in a pretty four book box set! This exciting series, made into a series last year was released as a box set for the first time this year, but sadly it’s only available in the US (though it does ship to the UK).

The 100

Maze Runner Box Set – James Dashner

Imagine waking up in a lift, and all you can remember is your name… Maze Runner is a hugely successful YA sci-fi fantasy series that has been thrilling book readers for years. More recently the series has been adapted for movie and if you know a fan, they can catch up with the books before The Death Cure movie hits cinemas in 2018 with this stunning box set. Covers vary US/UK

The Maze Runner US
The Maze Runner UK

I wouldn’t mind a couple of these under the Christmas tree this year, what about you?

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I absolutely loved it, and I know much of the team did too and brilliant storylines aside, I loved the fact that Amanita, played by Freema Agyeman worked at the City Lights Bookstore, meaning it was featured in various episodes. And if you were hanging out for more bookstore references there was a second one with a mention for Shakespeare and Co in the finale too! Read More

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Today we’re going to take a look at the best new releases, out or coming out soon that feature the latest royal couple. Here they are, along with release dates and information.
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