The Bestselling Books of the Last One Hundred Years: 1983

By December 13, 2019 Discussion and Recommendations

We started at 1918, bringing you the bestselling books of the last one hundred years. We’re into a new decade and today we’re bringing you the bestselling books of 1983!

1983 saw the final episode of the much loved MASH air in the USA, while 100 million viewers tuned into The Day After, a movie about nuclear war. Needless to say the Cold War loomed heavily and fear was running high. Ronald Regan was president of the United States, and in the UK the world’s greatest robbery took place as £26 million worth of gold, diamonds and cash was stolen from a warehouse in Heathrow.

Among all that, there were plenty of books published and read too, and today we’re featuring the bestselling novels of 1983, and some that didn’t make the list but have stood the test of time.

Return of the Jedi – James Khan


Poland – James Michener


Pet Sematary – Stephen King


The Little Drummer Girl – John le Carre


Christine – Stephen King


Changes – Danielle Steel


The Name of the Rose – Umberto Eco


White Gold Wielder – Stephen R. Donaldson


Hollywood Wives – Jackie Collins


Lonesome Gods – Louis L’Amour


1983 also saw the release of Susan Hill’s The Woman in Black.

We’ll continue this series right through to 2018, keep an eye out for 1984, coming soon!

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