The Bestselling Books of the Last One Hundred Years: 1985

By December 21, 2019 Discussion and Recommendations

We started at 1918, bringing you the bestselling books of the last one hundred years. We’re half way through the 80s now and today we’re bringing you the bestselling books of 1985!

In 1985 the wreck of the RMS Titanic was located after years of searching. In other shipping news Greenpeace’s ship, The Rainbow Warrior was sunk by French Agents. The spread of AIDS led to governments around the world to start screening blood donations, and in the US hijacking became big news with two hijacks both on TWA flight 847 and the Italian Cruise Liner Acchille Lauro. Famine continued in Ethiopia, leading to the Live Aid concerts as the pop world joined together to sing We Are the World.

Among all that, there were plenty of books published and read too, and today we’re featuring the bestselling novels of 1985, and some that didn’t make the list but have stood the test of time.

The Mammoth Hunters – Jean M Auel


Texas – James Michener


Lake Wobegon Days – Garrison Keiller


If Tomorrow Comes – Sidney Sheldon


Skeleton Crew – Stephen King


Secrets – Danielle Steel


Contact – Carl Sagan


Lucky – Jackie Collins


Family Album – Danielle Steel


Jubal Sackett – Louis L’Amour


1985 also saw the release of Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale and Isabelle Allende’s The House of Spirits

We’ll continue this series right through to 2018, keep an eye out for 1986, coming soon!

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