The cult animation ‘Archer’ is hilariously funny, often offensive, and surprisingly intelligent. The script is peppered with literary references from French philosopher Abelard to Dr Seuss’ The Lorax, and an eclectic mix in between.

How does your reading list compare with the Archer team?

We picked 20 of the many, MANY  literary references, mostly from Sterling Archer who desperately wishes people would just “READ A DAMN BOOK ONCE IN A WHILE!”. Sterling Archer seems like a self-centred, alcoholic ego in a fantastic suit, but he often surprises the audience with the breadth and depth of his knowledge. There are some excellent reads we missed out from the quiz including The Babysitters Club series, Jeeves and Worcester by P.G Wodehouse, and superhero comics by Stan Lee.

As Archer continues I am sure we will have another quiz-worth of literary references!

Let us know if how close you came to matching the eclectic mix!

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