Quiz – An Author Beginning with R

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20 questions all related to the writing of authors whose surnames begin with an R.


“And now, the end is near…”

We’re almost at the end of our A-Z author series now and today it’s authors beginning with R. Twenty questions, twenty multiple choice answers, all you have to do is choose the right one! Let us know how you do in the comments.

Quiz – Dickens’ Journeys

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Born on February 7th 1812 Charles Dickens created some of the best loved characters in English Literature who lived the most extraordinary lives and adventures. This quiz focuses on the journeys some of those characters took – some far away and some not far from home.


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Quiz – Mr Dickens

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To celebrate my favourite author’s birthday on February 7th – a flurry of Dickens quizzes to brighten up this chilly February! This one asks 20 questions about the works of one of literature’s most central figures.


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