Quiz – Authors Who Begin With an M

By January 8, 2017Quizzes

Here we are at the halfway point of our alphabetical authors quizzes and (thankfully) a lot of authors begin with today’s letter; so why not have a go at our authors who begin with an M quiz and see how many you know.

18 well known authors by surname, the only clue being one or two of their works …but not always necessarily the ones they’re most famous for (that would be too easy!)

Don’t forget to tell us how you get on.

The Top 100 Most influential Authors

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Using Klout which takes into account social media activity and engagement across many social networks including Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn and Instagram Richtopia has created a list of the top 100 most influential authors. These may not be people who are known first and foremost for their writing but they are all published and successful in the writing sphere. How many do you follow or have you read?


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Title Origins Quiz

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This title origins quiz takes 20 very famous titles and asks if you know where that title came from. All were taken from an earlier work but not all the original sources are as famous today as the work that sprung from them. 


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