A-Z Mix Up Series – And all the rest…Xs, Ys and Zs

By December 10, 2017 Quizzes

This series of quizzes uses a mix up from previous A-Z quizzes: authors, subjects, titles, characters and literary trivia. Two choices for each answer and they all begin with either an X, Y or Z!


It’s time for the final quiz of this A-Z series, today the X, Y, and Z! Twenty questions, let’s see if you can go out with a bang!

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  • Marisa Galli says:

    Dear Sirs, thank you so much. I’m a former teacher of English Language and Literature in Italy. I still read whatever I can find in English an do your quizzes with pleaure, as long as I can afford them. That is, without paying!! Thank you so much and Happy Christams! marisa Galli

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