10 Extreme Places to Read A Book

By March 23, 2017 March 23rd, 2018 Literature, Reading Habits

Have you ever caught someone reading a book in an unusual place?

On a bungee jump, in the middle of a rave, or even upside down in a swimming pool?

Extreme reading is a very real thing, and maybe it is time for some of us to get in on the action!

Take a look at some of these examples we have found on the world wide web…

  1. When your priorities position books over laundry… (Via Katie King on Flickr)

2. These school children found the best place on site to get their reading done… (Via Liverpool Echo)

3. Sure they didn’t have much of a choice in their reading place but still… Pretty extreme. (Pentonville Prison, 1967)

4. Well, this is a whole lot of nope, strapped on tight with a bit old NOPE. (Source unknown)

5. Some people will do anything to catch those last rays of sunshine. (Via Tumblr)

6. All mother wanted was a bit of peace and quiet while the bathroom was being decorated… (Via RVSchooled Blogspot)

7. Stephen was just so desperate to finish that last chapter… (Via Stephen Megison on Twitter)

8. Tim Peake casually reads a book… IN SPACE. (Via Twitter)

9. Obviously this reader didn’t want anyone else borrowing their books while they read. (Via DoubleDaysBooks on Tumblr)

10. You know the book is good when not even a waterfall can interrupt your reading. (Via Stiletto Gang)

Have you participated in an extreme reading challenge in the past? Or are you willing to do one in the future?

Send us your pictures and we can create our very own Extreme Reading Addicts collection!

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