Bookmarks: to buy or not to buy?

It is no secret that we here at For Reading Addicts love a good bookmark: the quirky, the shockingly expensive, the nerdy, cute and creative. Some people even use books to store strange bits and pieces

The interesting folk at Reddit have been discussing bookmarks in r/Showerthoughts after user by brainrokker posted the thought ‘Using a dollar bill as a bookmark is cheaper than buying a bookmark’ . 

This sparked a list of things people use or have used, and some more outrageous comments… At first there were the usual comments from people who use sweet wrappers, receipts, and foreign currency left over from a trip abroad, but in amongst those were some quirkier suggestions.

One user, a self-professed grown ass man, told of a trick he learnt from an ex…

Generally people used whatever they got their hands on including this clever user who made bespoke bookmarks after visiting Comicon…


Some people may not have been taking it very seriously. At all. Which makes for some excellent entertainment.

This is just an ingenious idea!


There’s always one who revels in shocking a bookmark lover!

This is what some may call Chaotic Evil, I think?


It’s nerds to the rescue with these suggestions…

And at last a proper suggestion!

For your own bookmarks- would you use a dollar bill, or any other currency? Or do you prefer something a bit more personal? Perhaps you just use whatever is nearby- a receipt, a business card, a bus ticket?

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If you’d like to read more on the Reddit thread follow this link.

Happy reading!

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  • Sherry says:

    I love bookmarks, so I actually buy them. My husband uses a 20-peso note, left over from a Mexican vacation, as his bookmark.

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