For the Eleventh Year, James Patterson Remains the UK’s Most Borrowed Book from Libraries

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Data gathered by the Public Lending Right (PLR) has found that James Patterson’s thriller books, along with thriller books in general, are the most borrowed books from UK libraries. For the eleventh year in a row, James Patterson has been crowned the most borrowed author from public libraries. In fact, his books have been borrowed over 22 million times since 2007.

As The Guardian reports, Patterson has stated he’s thrilled to be holding on to his crown, while also giving his support for libraries. “I firmly believe that better readers become better thinkers and I think libraries are an integral part of any community, as they are essential in helping to share and spread the joy of reading,” he said. His 2016 novel, Bullseye, was the ninth most borrowed book from UK libraries last year.

Patterson’s long streak can be attributed to his prolific writing, he’s now published over 100 novels. Patterson often works with co-writers, which allows his speedy output of novels, the latest of whom was former US president Bill Clinton with the book The President is Missing.

The top 10 most borrowed titles from libraries were all thrillers, with The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins topping the charts for the second year running. Hot on her heels were a number of titles from Lee Child, who’s best known for his Jack Reacher series. The data gathered also shows which books were most popular in which regions of the UK. Books by Hawkins and Child were the most borrowed books in London, the West Midlands, Scotland, and Yorkshire and the Humber.

“Across the northern counties readers in the north-east have a penchant for crime/thrillers with seven of the books in the top 10 belonging to this genre. [Library users] in the north-west and Merseyside ensured that nine of the top 10 most borrowed books also belonged to this category,” stated PLR, it was also revealed that crime fiction took all of the top 10 spots in Wales.

However, in eastern counties Sunshine Over Wildflower Cottage by Milly Johnson was the most read book, but in the south-east, After You by Jojo Moyes was top of the charts. In the south-west, the top nine most borrowed books were all by Roald Dahl, and in Northern Ireland children’s books, such as those by Jeff Kinney, dominated the charts.

In the overall most borrowed list, children’s books make up four of the top five spots. Patterson’s No. 1 spot is followed closely by Julia Donaldson (The Gruffalo), Daisy Meadows (Rainbow Magic), Dahl and Roderick Hunt, each of whom were borrowed over a million times in 2017.

15 Festive Library Displays

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Festive displays are everywhere this season but none make our hearts leap than those set up for us in libraries.

For those of us who spend much of our time in the library, a festive display is good fun and the ones we want to show you are just amazing! The staff at the libraries must have had a great time putting these together…

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Helsinki Opens the Doors to Its €98 Million Library

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When you think of Finland, your first thoughts probably go to cold weather, saunas, outdoor sports, and Northern Lights, but did you know that the Fins have a great love for books? Finnish people are top of the charts when it comes to worldwide literacy and are among the world’s most prolific library users. It should come as no surprise then, that Finland has finally officially opened it grand €98 million library.

It’s called the Helsinki Central Library Oodi, with Oodi meaning Ode’ in Finnish, and was originally given the green light back in 2015. The library was opened yesterday on December 5, which marks Finland’s 101st Independence Day.

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The 11 Most Impressive Historic Libraries

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If you are the kind of person who finds yourself shedding a tear for everything lost in the burning of the famed library of Alexandria or feeling melancholy over thousands of destroyed Mayan codices, you can take some heart. There are still a good number of historic public libraries watching over the collected printed history of humanity.

And though the digital age would have you believe that such collections are out of date, the majesty of these hallowed halls would beg to differ. Take the gorgeous Raza library in Rampur, India which is said to be the most important collection of knowledge in South Asia. Just in its largesse, this historical center tells a narrative of the history of the region that cannot otherwise be made palpable.

Spanning from the 6th century and situated around the world, Oldest has put together their top 11 choices for the most invaluable historic public libraries, which together house millions of books and historical materials.

Which one is on your bucket list?

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Montreal Libraries Introduce Bicycle Desks

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The World’s Most Beautiful Libraries… According to Instagram

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We love everything bookish, and that includes libraries and bookstores too. We’ll happily spend all day trawling the Internet for beautiful libraries and bookish places.

Last week we were contacted by Wordery who have put together an infographic of the Most Beautiful Libraries in the world, all found by collating Instagram hashtags. From their information, they have created a list of the 25 most beautiful libraries in the world.

Scroll down to see the full list, and click around the infographic to get all the information within. It’s a fascinating list and will surely inspire some literary wanderlust in you! Many thanks to Wordery for sharing with us, and allowing us to share this fantastic infographic with you. Read More

London Library Discovers Books Annotated by Bram Stoker

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If there’s one thing librarians would appreciate you not do when you borrow a book, it’s start scribbling in it, and yet the London Library in Mayfair is very pleased to have found a number of books that have been annotated by their reader. Who is this rapscallion who dare deface a borrowed book? None other than the author of Dracula, Bram Stoker.

As Londonist reports, 28 books have been discovered during a research effort lead by Paul Spedding. They were seemingly used by Stoker as he researched his now classic book Dracula in 1897. Stoker was a businessman living in Chelsea at the time and and joined the library in 1890 at the proposal of Hall Caine, whom Stoker dedicated Dracula to. The gothic horror novel may now be considered a classic, but it seems Stoker wasn’t highly praised for his writing prior to Dracula’s publication. “Stoker was a dreadful writer. His other stuff is dreadful,” said Spedding. Read More

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