A Little About Meghan Markle, Through the Books She Recommends

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If you haven’t heard of Meghan Markle by now, it’s possible you may be living under a rock. The one time actress and ex Suits star is in a relationship with Prince Harry and has moved to the UK to marry the high ranking member of the British Royal Family. As a pretty high profile star herself, the pair are creating quite the stir, both here in the UK and abroad, so I went off to find out more about Meghan to find out whether or not she’s a reader!

Until recently, Meghan ran a lifestyle blog called Tig, where she spoke of her day to day life, the subjects that were close to her heart and the causes she follows. Since her impending marriage was announced the blog has been shut down, but thanks to the delights of the Internet we can still access parts of it.

Back in March 2016, a little under two years ago, Meghan Markle posted what she called “A Badass Reading List”, recommending five books tat she said made her feel badass, or in her own words “strong of spirit, brave and fearless, self-aware yet selfless, and always striving to be the best version of themselves.” The reading list gives an interesting insight into Ms Markle, and here it is”

The Motivation Manifesto – Brendon Burchard

To tackle the feelings of self doubt that creep in, Markle recommends reading The Motivation Manifesto, a 2014 book that promises to help readers unlock freedom in their lives.

The Motivation Manifesto US
The Motivation Manifesto UK

The Four Agreements – Don Miguel Ruiz

Another life guide, but slightly different this time. Markle says in her blog “My mom gave me a copy of this book when I was 13 years old, and to this day, I constantly circle back to the Don Miguel Ruiz classic for the simplest ways to simplify your life.”

The Four Agreements US
The Four Agreements UK

The Little Prince – Antoine Saint-Exupery

The first novel on the list, Markle calls The Little Prince “An existential text, masked as a children’s book” and we’d be inclined to agree.

The Little Prince US
The Little Prince UK

Who Moved My Cheese – Spencer Johnson

There’s little doubt you won’t have heard of this book, it was huge in the late 90s and a bestseller for a long time. Markle read it back in her university days and calls it an invaluable quick read.

Who Moved My Cheese US
Who Moved My Cheese UK

The Tao of Pooh – Benjamin Hoff

“Aspects of Taoism told through the characters of ‘Winnie the Pooh’ – I mean, does it get better?” Markle writes. We find it hard to disagree, this introduction to Tao is one of our favourites too.

The Tao of Pooh US
The Tao of Pooh UK

18th Century Teen’s Schoolbook Doodles Discovered

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Doodles, scribbles, and mini works of fine art got many of us through our teen years at school- I personally preferred drawing spiderwebs in the corners of every page- and it seems 18th century teens were not much different!

Museum of English Rural Life (MERL) discovered a young man’s doodles in his own mathematics workbook, and it gives us a fascinating insight into the mind of this erudite and creative teen. As well as laying out his mathematical formulae with precision and clarity, Richard Beale showed us his family dog, street scenes, elegant ships, and… A chicken in trousers.

Let MERL take you on a journey through time into the mind of Richard Beale- honest farm-boy, good mathematician, and excellent doodler.

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Strange questions people asked the librarian

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Librarians are quiet heroes, guardians of the books, and underrated alternative to a search engine. They used to be our one stop for all our general knowledge needs however Google (other search engines are apparently available…) have slowly but surely taken that responsibility away from the libraries.

Librarians used to deal with all the strange, creepy, interesting, and outrageous questions the general public had to ask- and you will not believe some of the stuff people are willing to ask a stranger.

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Study Shows Growing up in a Home Full of Books Is Good for Children

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Those of you who buy more books than you can read will be pleased to learn that a recent study suggests that this is having a positive effect on you and any little ones that may be around. Evidence suggests that those who grow up in homes full of books are more likely to have higher reading comprehension and better mathematical and digital communication skills. Read More

Bill Clinton’s First Novel Has Sold over 1 Million Copies

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Despite only being released a few months ago on June 4, Bill Clinton’s first novel has managed to sell over 1 million copies in North America alone. Co-written with James Patterson, The President is Missing is a thriller which sees the President go undercover after a devastating cyber attack. The novel is Clinton’s first work of fiction and was no doubt helped by having such a prolific co-author on board.
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For the Eleventh Year, James Patterson Remains the UK’s Most Borrowed Book from Libraries

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Data gathered by the Public Lending Right (PLR) has found that James Patterson’s thriller books, along with thriller books in general, are the most borrowed books from UK libraries. For the eleventh year in a row, James Patterson has been crowned the most borrowed author from public libraries. In fact, his books have been borrowed over 22 million times since 2007.

As The Guardian reports, Patterson has stated he’s thrilled to be holding on to his crown, while also giving his support for libraries. “I firmly believe that better readers become better thinkers and I think libraries are an integral part of any community, as they are essential in helping to share and spread the joy of reading,” he said. His 2016 novel, Bullseye, was the ninth most borrowed book from UK libraries last year. Read More

Ikea Will Soon Be Offering Customers Reading Rooms, Where You Can Even Take a Book Home for Free

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As though it weren’t easy enough to lose track of time wandering around Ikea, the furniture giant has now announced that it will soon be hosting Reading Rooms, a place where members of the public will be able to go to sit back, relax, enjoy a good book, and even take it home free of charge.

As Metro reports, Ikea has partnered up with the Man Booker Prize to offer visitors a place where they can get comfy and enjoy one of many great books on offer. If you find yourself becoming engrossed in your book, then you can take it home with you for free! You might be wondering how that differs from your local library, but does your local library provide you with delicious Swedish meatballs? Didn’t think so. Read More

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